Wonders of nature!

Wonders of nature!
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Since I could not miss, late last year the global selection of the seven wonders of nature was performed. This contest was based on the event that led to the familiar New 7 Wonders of the World.

The competition took place thanks to the company New Open World Corporation, who started the competition. It was divided into several instances in which, the first of which exceeded a total of 450 applicants, up to an amount of 28 finalists that were submitted to the voting public of which went 7 winners.

For your next trip, you cannot miss these wonderful places!

1) Table Mountain, Africa: It is a flat mountain termination wear exceeded for more than 6 million years. This representative of Africa, element is the only one who gave a name to a southern constellation.

2) Mensa Iguazu Falls, South America: This natural beauty is powered by an extended two countries river, being located in the province of Misiones, Argentina and in the state of Parana, Brazil. Both sides have two completely different and interesting, really worthy of knowing sectors.

3) Amazon, South America: Also known as Amazon occupies a total of 9 countries in South America This rainforest, accounts for more than half left in the world, considered by its fauna and flora as the lungs of the planet.

4) Ha Long Bay, Asia: It is an expanse of water of more than 1500 km located in Vietnam. This magical place is known for amazing rock formations and islands of different formats and sizes.

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5) Jeju Island, Asia: It is a volcanic island located in South Korea, dominated by Mount Halla, an extinct volcano. In this amazing place there multiplicity of cultures, compared to the country of origin, as well as many secrets that ancient civilizations were hiding.

6) Komodo National Park, Asia: This privileged park located in Indonesia, consists of several islands of different sizes. Among the most important we can find Komodo, Rinca, Padar and Gila originated from volcanic debris. The aim of its creation was to preserve the Komodo dragon.

7) Subterranean River Puerto Princesa, Asia: This National Park located on Palawan Island in the Philippines, owns a great natural variety, hosting more than 10 different ecosystems!

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