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The Club World Cup  was played in your favorite country Japan! From 10 to December 20 the contest that brings together the best football team will play each continent. After 19 years, the team of Marcelo Gallardo will play this exciting championship, along with the best teams in the world, including Barca Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano. River played its first game in the city of Osaka and the final will be in Yokohama. If you’re traveling with River Japan, in addition to vibrate with these parties in this travel blog we tell you what to do in Japan:

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Most flights arrive in Tokyo Japan, the main gateway to the country and the most populous city on the planet. After past the culture shock, you’ll enjoy this frantic, huge and fascinating metropolis that has much to offer visitors , plus the experience of living with about 35 million people. Exotic cuisine, culture and tradition along with the giant skyscrapers, museums and halls curious, lively nightlife, the number of malls for shopping, and unique neighborhoods, make it one of the favorite destinations for travelers worldwide. 

A good place to start the tour is Shibuya, the most famous crossing of the city, where thousands of people daily create a human spectacle just across the street. Traditional Japan can be found in places like the Sensoji Temple . Located in Asakusa, one of the most famous and oldest Buddhist temples, dating from the year 628 AD.

The Cosplay fans have their place in Yoyogi Park, one of the largest in the city. All weekends, you can see lots of young people dressed as their favorite characters. Akihabara is one of the most interesting and fun places in Tokyo. Known as the electronics district, here you will find hundreds of shops dedicated to retro and new video games, manga, and technology. 

Visit the Palace of the Emperor; see Tokyo from above, from one of its many towers; eating in a kaiten zushi; a few drinks at night with the “salary men”; visit the most famous shopping stores in the Ginza neighborhood or stroll through the Red Light District are other captive activities to do in this city if you’re traveling with River Japan.


It is the third largest city in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama , and one of the most important industrial centers. For years, he was overshadowed by the neighboring city of Kyoto, tourism and much visited. However, Osaka has a lot to offer: a lively nightlife (almost to the level of Tokyo), technology, gastronomy, people (much friendlier than other cities in Japan), and its combination of modernity and history. 

While it gives the feeling that this city lives in the future, Osaka has a rich history , plus there are areas that were frozen in time. Shinsekai is one of the neighborhoods that you can visit and that will take you directly to Japan 70 and 80. 

Among the must, come to visit the castle of Osaka-jo, the wheel of the HEP Five shopping mall in Umeda and Osaka Aquarium. Also, you will stroll through the Tennoji neighborhood or go to Akihabara, the electronic DenDenTown neighborhood and take some electronic toy souvenir. Nor sure to visit the Umeda Sky Building, one of the postcards of the city, and enjoy wonderful views and spectacular sunsets. And to end the day, you can eat okonomiyaki classic and traditional izakaya negiyaki in the area or take a walk along the Bay of Osaka.


If River reaches the final, the meeting will be in Yokohama. It is located just half an hour by train from Tokyo, so you can go out for the day. It is the country’s second largest city, with more than 3 million people, and has several attractions to visit. Minato Mirai, which means “the port of the future” is an area of the city development modern, as its name indicates, appears the future.It is full of offices, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and parks. Among the activities to do, you can climb to the observatory of the Landmark Tower, one of the tallest towers in Japan; enjoy the amusement park Cosmo Word; shopping in the old red brick warehouses; Entry ancient ship Nippon Maru, now converted into a museum. Also in this area it is the Cup Noodles Museum, these instant noodles that come in box and placed directly in the microwave. You’ll get to know their history, how to prepare and design your own package. Imperdible! Another attraction is the Yokohama Chinatown, the largest Chinatown in Japan. It is located in the city center, and has a wealth of shops, restaurants and churches to visit. Nor sure to visit the Garden Sankein, Pier Osanbashi and Ramen Museum, among other things.


Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan is a wonderful city with lots of attractions and places to visit. Part of its splendor is that here lived the headquarters of the imperial court, and during the Second World War, was the only major Japanese city that was not bombed, thus maintaining its rich architectural, artistic and historical heritage. To get an idea, has 17 sites designated as World Heritage of UNESCO! 

Do not forget to visit the Sanjusangen-do Buddhist temple, the temple complex Kiyomizu-der, the Gion district probably one of the picturesque not only Japan but in the world, the ancient Nijo-jo castle and the famous Golden Pavilion Kinkaku-ji.

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