Where to stay in Santorini?

Travel to Santorini
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The Greek island of Santorini lives almost entirely on tourism so the options for travelers not lacking; from places to eat, bars to have a drink, boat tours, motorcycles and cars and much, much accommodation to choose from in a price range that goes from the most accessible and expensive luxury.

If we look for accommodation in Santorini we will find many options but our main concern is to what area Satorini better stay? There are three areas of the island is good for us to know before looking for accommodation and depended the type of traveler who we are we help you decide.

Travel to Santorini
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Oia, rhythm and sunsets

Oia is in the north end of the island and is among the most popular for its captive sunsets and nightlife with great pace. One evening there are thousands of travelers either taking pictures or just enjoying the sunlight, which is among the top list of places to visit in Santorini.

Near Oia, a few minutes drive, there are two very famous and popular islands: Ammoudi and Paradise Beach. In both the pace of visitors from around the world is hectic, people have fun, dance and passes it well until the night arrives, at which keeps the party.

Fira, the capital

Being such a small island, the farthest corners are just around the corner, but if we want to n have to move even one step to be available to all the best is to stay in the capital, Fira. The amenities are there almost the same as in other areas but perhaps easier to find a supermarket or restaurant that we like.

We must always keep in mind that Santorini is a small island and that even if we stay in the capital will want to take a car (there are many places to rent them) and we go to other places to visit beaches or tourist attractions.

Peace is in the south

Those looking for a quiet, calm, less tourism, less nightlife without hauling cruise travelers, the south of the island is the best choice. We decided on staying in Kamari, the town that is closer to the center of the island but by what is considered south, the advantage of this place is that it has all the benefits of the zones with more pace but calm from the south. The areas beaches and coastal walk is really attractive and a walk along the beach in the mornings is comforting.

If we continue further south we will find Perissa and Akrotiri. In both the beaches are less crowded, the weather is just as pleasant as in the rest of the island and the peace that reigns is insurmountable , but we must consider that there are fewer facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants less and less nightlife options.

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