What to see in Toronto, an elegant city in Canada

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Travel to Canada: what to see in Toronto, a very livable city, full of green and child-friendly. Highly livable, full of greenery and culture, and child-friendly leisure opportunities, Toronto is Canada’s largest city. But more than a hectic American city it resembles a fascinating European city. Reaching it is easy thanks to the guaranteed connection with many airports.

There are many things to see in the capital of Ontario, overlooking the lake of the same name. But it is difficult to find a Toronto postcard without the CNN (Canadian National) Tower the symbol of the city. With its 553 meters of height it is in fifth place among the highest towers of the planet (it has been at the top for over thirty years, before Burj Khalifa overcame it).

The famous tower of Toronto was built in the early 70s of the last century by the Canadian TV that needed a new transmitter antenna and owes its name to the sponsor who financed the work, i.e. the Canadian National, the company that manages the railways Canadians. Thanks to a transparent lift you can easily get to the panoramic terrace and the bravest can walk spore the transparent floor: you will feel like flying hundreds of feet from the ground.

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To see Toronto from above, climb another twenty floors: here you will find a revolving restaurant that every hour and a half takes a full turn around the axis of the tower. The highest accessible floor (the 147th) is located at 447 meters: here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the bodies of water that embellish the surrounding plain. And even the United States of America.

The other architectural jewel of Toronto is Casa Loma, a neo-Gothic style castle, strategically positioned on a hill overlooking the city. The mansion, dating back to the very first years of the last century, belonged to the millionaire entrepreneur Henry Pellatt and was designed by the architect EJ Lennox: more than 300 workers worked to make it work. The castle is distributed on 4 different levels: beautiful furnishings and different gardens, with sculptures and fountains. The castle was used for Hollywood musicals.

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What to see in museums in Toronto? The Royal Ontario Museum, called ROM, is the most important museum in Canada and is among the most interesting museums on the planet among all those dedicated to history, culture and natural sciences; over six million pieces are on permanent display. There are forty galleries: very famous for dinosaurs, Asian cultures and over 600 gems, crystals and jewels. Many temporary exhibitions (many of them avant-garde and innovative) and scheduled events, as well as films, concerts and theatrical performances offered in the museum.

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And then there is the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto museum dedicated to both ancient and modern and contemporary works of art, where the masterpieces of sacred monsters like Magritte, Degas, Monet, Picasso Warhol, etc. are exhibited. It was founded in the early twentieth century and was initially called “The Grange”; in the 70’s there was a first restructuring and the subsequent, very recent, is due to the archistar Frank Gehry. The collection was further embellished after the donations of the sculptor Henry Moore.

The St. Lawrence Market according to National Geographic  is another thing to see in Toronto because it is the structure dedicated to the best food trade in the world. The market is divided into three areas: there is the one reserved for farmers on Saturdays and the antique dealers on Sundays. The second is that destined for over one hundred food producers of fruit, vegetables and dairy products and which also hosts places destined to host shows and restaurants. The last is St. Lawrence Hall, a privileged location for wedding receptions, events and commercial spaces.

Outside Toronto an hour and a car trip, there is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world: the Niagara Falls, a majestic spectacle of nature between Ontario and New York State. On the waterfalls there is a legend, that of the princess Lelawala forced to marry together against her will, even if in love with He-No the deity of thunder and lightning. The girl reached the falls with a pagoda and from despair launched herself into the void, but was captured by He-No during the flight. Their spirits survive, according to the myth, in the steam of the waters that today envelops the waterfalls and attracts millions of tourists every year.

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