What to see in Orlando?

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Magic and limitless fun together in the mythical give Orlando city, ideal to travel on your next vacation enclave. It’s time to blow your imagination and let you wrap by which we could call the Land of the Theme parks.

Orlando, a dream

Located southeast of the United States of America, specifically in the hub of the state of Florida, the city of Orlando is synonymous with entertainment by the countless amusement parks and concentrated inside that will appeal to young and old. Best known as the seat of Empire of Dreams, Walt Disney World, this great city is located about 80 kilometers west of Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa Beach.

Orlando is presented as the perfect destination to believe again in dreams and get away from the cares and responsibilities of daily life, if only for a few days. The legend tells us that his legendary name from a soldier known as Orlando Reeves, who died in the area during the Second World War.

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This legendary story also tells us that this man worked in a mill and was devoted to sugar plantation about 50 km north of Spring Garden in Volusia County. When some settlers found the name of Orlando Acosta stamped on the bark of a tree, they soon take over this land as “the tomb of Orlando Acosta”, thinking that was the place where his body was buried. Thereafter, the enclave was called with the name of this character.

Presented as the fifth largest city in the state of Florida in population in the city of Orlando you can practice land and water sports and fully enjoy its beaches, gastronomic offers with dinner shows including, listen to live music or take a swim in their pools.

Destinations to visit in Orlando

Beyond the beaches artificially created by the water parks in the lakes, we can find other natural coastal enclaves in Florida Central belonging to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. For example, west of the city of Tampa, we highlight the presence of Clearwater with warm, calm waters and white sands. Located about two hours from Orlando, this place is presented as one of the most demanded by tourists.

Next to it we can highlight other options refreshing as Calasedi Island, Dunedin, an island paradise of white sand just two hours from Orlando. Or, equally interesting, Siesta Key, a beach without waves and turquoise waters in the Gulf of Mexico as well as Daytona Beach to an hour northeast of Orlando, the latter being one of the best known enclaves for tourists all the world.

However, in addition to its beaches, as discussed in previous lines, another reason attractiveness of the city of Orlando is found represented in its many amusement parks .To begin, let us dazzled by the complex of Walt Disney World, the largest erected in the city with a figure of over 100 square kilometers. Inside it contains four theme parks, water parks, a total of 28 hotels and golf courses. Safe and clean, it is the ideal place for all family members with their own system of lakes, trails and waterways transit place.

Inside, for example, one of the must-see is Magic Kingdom theme park located in Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Inside you’ll run into a reproduction of a small American town as Main Street USA, the mystery of exploring unknown lands in Adventure land with attractions Pirates of the Caribbean or Aladdin and Fantasyland , where tourists can find their characters favorites through attractions based on characters like Ariel, Cinderella, Dumbo, Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh.

You cannot miss the legendary SeaWorld Orlando, where you can enjoy great shows like Blue Horizons with acrobats dolphins and birds flying high, Pets Ahoy which will witness the talent of pets such as dogs, cats, skunks or birds or totally new initiative one Ocean, where they will embark on a unique journey through the sea by a group of whales.

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Together with them, you do not miss the animal attractions like Shark Encounter to see you surrounded by the most fearsome predators of the marine world. Or even Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, with which you can learn about unique places to live an unparalleled adventure in Antarctica mythical, a place where ice is more than 2, 7 kilometers thick.

Smaller than the Walt Disney World, we highlight the Universal Studios, which house inside, many restaurants, hotel, theme and water parks. We are facing a real movie studio and television, which allow visitors to experience firsthand the action of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Also, if you like is to hear live music, you cannot forget the west side of Disney in Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe in the City Walt Universal Studios. Rock and Roll dance, classical music or piano, you have enclaves such as West Side at Disney, Pleasure Island and Downtown Orlando.

At the same time in the city you accounts with diverse possibilities of restaurants equipped with dinner and rooms show, theater and variety shows. Among them we can highlight Arabian Night, Kissimmee Medieval Times or Pirates at Colossal Studios.

All these enclaves are just some of the many examples of sites that you can visit if you decide to travel to the city of Orlando on your next summer vacation.

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