What to eat in Roquetas de Mar?

Roquetas de Mar
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What to eat in Roquetas de Mar? Possibly one of the many questions that you’re asking before going to one of the most demanded Spanish destinations this summer 2016 in the Andalusian province of Almeria. Its beaches, natural areas, monuments and wealth of entertainment make this place a meeting point for those who want to disconnect from the routine and take a real break.

Dishes to eat in Roquetas de Mar

Another strong point is its traditional cuisine. Predominates, how could it be otherwise, the seafood cuisine with dishes such as rice or gurullos with lobster, seafood paella, wheat, noodle casserole with monkfish or Fidégua among others.

Roquetas de Mar
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They have a special way to make depending on the type of fish to get the best flavor, something that can advise you on any premises that are both in the port area as beach bars.

For example, the gallo pedro should taste fried, pandora and snapper cuajadera, grilled turbot and redfish in cuajadera or fried … .and so many more recipes to enjoy in Roquetas de Mar.

Where to eat well in Roquetas de Mar?

At lunchtime in Roquetas de Mar you cannot miss these sites that we recommend:

  • Restaurante Chiringuito Nido-Playa: Here offer variety and quality in terms of fish and seafood, but also in its rich offer letter paellas, octopus, various types of meat, clams and desserts to sweeten the day. The customer is also a plus because they are very friendly and often serve quickly unless the room is very busy. However, best of all, you have the option of eating on the beach, something that is appreciated once night falls.
  • Bodega Claudio: In this case, rice (always served in point) and (fresh and cooked) fish are recommended. It also offers a range of perfect wines to accompany the meal. Its friendly ambience and great value make it one of the best options to consider.
  • Raku Restaurant: Home and away from the traditional cuisine. Burgers, toast, spareribs … .all this exotic side dishes such as teriyaki sauce and creative ways without losing an iota of flavor and texture. Much attention as the value they are pretty good.

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  • Stilo Campo: They offer a lot of variety of tapas that are updated from time to time. You have from the traditional to some with a more original touch, such as Sushi Burger. Service is friendly and fast.
  • San Rocco: Italian food with fresh ingredients and good preparation. But the best is in desserts. If you like sweet you cannot miss trying the delicious cheesecake.
  • La Huerta Tapas Bar: Rations and tapas of all kinds and excellent service make this restaurant a place to return to. The preparation of the dishes is quite elaborate. It is also a good place to go reeds.

If you like food tourism, you cannot miss the Days ‘Roquetas in sauce’. This annual event has been held since the best restaurants involved with the development of new recipes that are based fruit and vegetable products. A jury chooses the best dishes that are included in a cookbook that is sent to the markets to which local products are exported.

You already know what to eat in Roquetas de Mar?

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