Visit the Vatican

Visit the Vatican
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The world’s smallest country is also a necessary stopover for your trip to Rome. Therefore, in this note we travel blog what attractions you cannot miss on your itinerary if you visit the Vatican.

If you are a believer, surely visit this city is going to be very emotional. Here is the Holy See that is the highest institution of the Catholic Church and is the place of residence of the Pope.

If you’re not so believer, I take into that- account also of religious importance has-, the Vatican has an architectural and artistic ensemble that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 because of its beauty and its importance historical. Therefore, it is a very touristy place and you cannot miss on your trip to Rome.

What to see if I will visit the Vatican?

St. Peter’s Square

For the Vatican, you can start to go the Plaza de San Pedro. It is one of the most beautiful in the world and surely heard her name. It is where the Pope celebrated liturgies and public hearings; and where huge crowds gather to hear. The most impressive of the square is its size: 320 meters long and 240 meters wide, which represent 13% of the entire city. In major events, this place came to collect up to 300 thousand people.

It is surrounded by 283 columns and 140 can observe them statues of different saints. At its center, an obelisk brought from Egypt recalls the martyrdom of St. Peter, as he witnessed his crucifixion. You will also see two sources, one built by Bernini in 1675 and the other by Maderno in 1586.

Visit the Vatican
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Basilica of Saint Peter

Here most of papal ceremonies are held and that is the main papal church. Its five doors are guarded by statues of Charlemagne and Constantine. Here lie the remains of San Pedro, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus and first bishop of Rome. It is considered one of the holiest places in Catholicism and cannot miss on your visit to the Vatican.

The Basilica of San Pedro is one of the largest buildings in the world with 218 meters long and 136 meters high. In addition, it will find priceless works of art, among which are: the Pieta of Michelangelo; Monument Innocence XII; and the Monument to Gregory XIII. Moreover, in the Vatican Grottoes are the remains of the deceased Popes where many faithful come to pray and pay homage.

Paragraph deserves the Sistine Chapel, here ceremonies and important papal events are held and currently is home to the conclave where the cardinals elect a new pope.

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The Chapel is very popular for the beauty of the paintings of Michelangelo, especially the vault with the stories of Genesis (made from 1508-1512) and the apse with scenes of the Last Judgment (1536-1541). After so many years since its creation, these frescoes still attract thousands of visitors to the Sistine Chapel and are considered one of the most important works in the history of painting in the world. Definitely, a must – see on your visit to the Vatican!

Vatican museums

The Popes were the first to put their palaces and art collections available to the public. The first was Julius II, who in 1503 donated his private collection of small sculptures and gave rise to this group of museums. Since that time, both aristocratic families and other popes were increasing the collection to make it one of the largest in the world and a major attraction that cannot miss on your visit to the Vatican.

The Vatican Museums are the gateway the Sistine Chapel and formed by the Candelabra Gallery, the Pio Museum, the Ethnographic Missionary Museum, the Gallery of Maps, Historical Museum – Hall of floats, the Etruscan Museum and the Egyptian Museum, the Gallery tapestries, stays and Rafael Lodge and the Chapel of Beato Angelico, among others.

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