Using public transportation in New York

Public Transportation in New York
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Public transportation in New York is one of the most developed in the world. The metro and buses are 24 hours, but there are many other options.

The Big Apple is a city where much uses public transportation, mainly the MTA subway and buses. They are ideal to get faster to your final destination and cost much less to use a taxi or Uber. But when is best to use a taxi or means of transport which is best for each occasion?

Well, New York I always recommend using the subway because it is much easier and faster compared with other means of transport. It is good to have on hand the map and plan the trip before leaving. Train Check which is best for you and if you use the subway much, buy a weekly MetroCard that only costs $ 31. With the weekly MetroCard you can use the subway without limit and MTA bus.

Public Transportation in New York
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But this does not mean that I do not use the taxi or other means of transport. This city has something for all times and some of them are going to have to use the ferry for example to go to Staten Island or the Statue of Liberty. And if you get lost remember, you can always ask someone who surely will be happy to help you!

Information on the subway and buses in New York

The metro and bus travel throughout the city of New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. For a simple way you have to buy a ticket worth $ 2.75 per trip and per person; except the express bus is worth $ 6.5 per trip and person. The MetroCard for a month unlimited costs $ 116.50 (but is primarily for those living in the city). If you’re only going to be here a week then the MetroCard week (without limitation) are $ 31 is much better for you. It starts counting as soon as you use for the first time and you have to use 7 consecutive days, until 23:59 of the seventh day.

To buy a MetroCard enters a train station and take them out on the machines or directly at the window and if anyone has the particular station; you can pay by cash, credit card or debit card. Buying a new MetroCard is $ 1 additional. Buses only accept exact fare MetroCard cards or coins. Both metro and buses work 24 hours. If you travel with pets make sure they are on a leash or in a carrier travel.

How to catch a cab in New York?

Taking a taxi in New York is super easy. Most of the time all you need is to raise your hand in the air and in the movies. But sometimes things get complicated and you have to wait a bit especially in the rain. I have been times I’ve had to literally climb without question because no driver wanted to stop because of the demand they had. Do not be afraid! Enters without asking or without stand before you run over in New York sometimes you have to be aggressive here.

Yellow taxis charge $ 2.50 just to pick and 50 cents for every 0.2 miles or for every minute you’re if traffic is slow. To go to the airport and La Guardia, JFK or Newark to Manhattan rates are approximately ($ 70 from JFK, La Guardia from $ 45 to $ 60 from Newark). You can pay by cash, credit card or debit card. For more information call 311 yellow cabs or visit the website. Remember that there are other options unofficial taxi and private transport, which offer a more comfortable and above all safe race. For private transportation you can consult us directly. If you go with pets remember the advice I gave you before (belt and / or carrier), will serve for all modes of transport.

The flying Metro: Roosevelt Island Tram

Would you like flying over New York just use your MetroCard? To use the Roosevelt Island Tram go to 59th Street and Second Avenue where the station is. Like I said, you only need to enter a MetroCard. Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday is from 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. Any queries can use the information number is (212) 832-4540. Pets are welcome, follow my advice above.

Nothing like feeling free in the Citi Bike

Another greener and even fun option is to move to New York bike. For this you have the Citi Bike is literally everywhere in the city below Central Park. As a personal experience I would say that in some areas like Fifth Avenue can be dangerous because the cars do not respect anything . It’s very nice stroll along the Hudson River and get you through the streets of the Village.

For the safety of your pet and yours, we recommend you do not bring your pet to this ride. For more information on where and how to use bikes citi visit the website or call 1-855-BIKE-311. Bikes are available 24 hours; prices vary and can only use credit or debit cards.

Navigating the rivers of New York ferry

To stroll through any of the two rivers of New York you have to take a ferry (or cruise) . If you would like to visit the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island you must take the ferry from Battery Park in Manhattan or Liberty State Park in New Jersey. You can buy your tickets in advance for $25.00 on the web. Pets are not allowed.

Also in Battery Park you can also take the ferry to Staten Island, it’s free! It is an ideal option if you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, but you want to see it up close. The walk is very nice and you can go sit inside or out. Arriving in Staten Island we suggest a walk by the county and then back to Manhattan and enjoy a spectacular skyline.

During the summer there is also the option of going to Governors Island ferry. For this you must go to the Battery Maritime Building and buy tickets for $ 2 per person. The island is a beautiful place to walk, eat and activities have a great view of Manhattan, perfect plan for Sunday!

The last options that we suggest and that few people know are the East River watertaxis. For only $ 4 on weekdays and $6 on weekends, you can go from Manhattan to Brooklyn Bridge Park on a beautiful promenade. There are several stops, in Brooklyn, and Long Island City and Manhattan. Perfect for concluding a long day walk that ends at the Brooklyn Bridge and returning directly to downtown Manhattan.

Feel like a bird on New York Helicopter

Definitely the best way to see the city is by helicopter. There are many options to see part of the city or across the city, depending on how long you want to be. Prices vary depending on the option you choose, but it is best that you get all the information directly on our website, as we manage this activity and we will be happy to help. Ah, remember, we pets are allowed.

Bus pair provided you with Hop on / off

And we close with the Hop on Hop off bus, where you can tour the city up and down whenever you want. There are two options: the New York Sightseeing and CitySights NY (red and blue buses). For these buses prices and times vary and depend on what you will see in the city. Pets are not allowed on the bus. You can have more information on the web.

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