Uruguay: Hot Destination

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In addition to the famous Atlantic beaches, Uruguay has an inner worth visiting and historical heritage to account. At some time, travel with Traveler’s Journal to the historic Colonia del Sacramento and its capital, Montevideo.

Today we take a tour of the possibilities offered by the Uruguayan interior and resources for spa tourism.

Located in the northwest of Uruguay, 400 km from Montevideo, in the departments of Salto and Paysandu, one is spacious thermal offer. The water of the baths comes from the Guarani Aquifer, which is the largest in South America, System and is one of the most important groundwater resources of the planet, due to its size, and quality and temperature of the water.

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This great resource of water has temperatures ranging between 38° C and 46° C. In this region we find many ways to use it: pools of all sizes, shapes and water temperature, showers relaxing, invigorating jets and baths bubbles are a temptation for relaxation and wellness.

The hot springs are surrounded by gently Rolling Meadows crisscrossed by water from rivers and streams. The spas enjoy great privacy amidst a natural environment where tranquility reigns.

For those looking to get away from the stress it is possible to stay in a “stay” or rural finance and participate in the daily activities of the field, such as milking, rodeos and shearing.

There are six thermal centers: Arapey, Daymán, Guaviyú, Salto Grande, San Nicanor and Almiron.

In the Termas del Gayman addition to the city park, which has 11 pools with temperatures regulated according to the weather station in the area there are also other private parks and a park of active games. Dayman hot springs have caraterísticas that can be used for therapeutic purposes, due to the combination of heat and salinity. In fact, they have the Hydrothermal Dayman complex, high – level scientific institution recognized internationally. They are located 10 minutes from the city of Salto and near the first park with thermal water of South America, Acuamanía Water Park, a must option for families to enjoy.

The Termas de Almirón, of marine origin, these hot springs, located in the city of Paysandu, are the only existing salt water in the region, and have important healing and relaxation properties. The Almiron thermal center is framed in a landscape of rolling hills, small forests for ecotourism practice and streams to enjoy fishing or adventure tourism. These springs have 5 pools with different depths throughout the park, two of them covered and cold water.

With over 65 years of history, Arapey is Uruguay’s oldest thermal complex, and that has more tourism infrastructure. It has 7 swimming pools, a covered and partially covered in an area of over 250 hectares. Accommodation infrastructure includes hotels of 5, 4 and 3 stars, plus a full range of bungallows and motels, all of which exceed 2,000 seats. In addition, for nature lovers, there is a municipal camping with all amenities. Cinema, shopping areas, medical center, sports area and a playground are some of the services that can be found in the extensive park.

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In the Termas de Salto Grande we found a 5 – star hotel surrounded by a park of 218 hectares. All of that property, on Lake Salto Grande and very close to the dam of the same name, can be covered by bicycle, sulki, or horseback.

The pools of Termas de Guaviyú are opened and closed in a rugged environment Yatay palm trees that provide an exotic tone. On the banks of the stream can be performed Guaviyú boat rides and enjoy fishing.

Las Termas de San Nicanor are located in the Hacienda or Estancia of the same name, in the department of Paysandu. Together nature of pleasure and mystique of the stay itself. Tourists can choose to stay in the historical district stay in bungalows or at a nearby campsite. The thermal attraction of the park, it adds the possibility to participate in agricultural activities, horseback riding, wildlife watching or fishing native gold.

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