Tribeca, the trendy with celebrities in New York

Tribeca Newyork
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Despite being a neighborhood that has become fashionable among celebrities, there is much to see at Tribeca. Its past was first and then artistic industry.

TriBeCa is definitely one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York. Its letters are an abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street” (triangle below Canal Street). It is located south of SoHo in Manhattan, surrounded by the streets Canal St. in the north, Broadway on the east, Chambers St. in the south and the Hudson River on the west. Although now very modern and renovated, it was formerly an industrial neighborhood. Due to the low prices of rent became an important community for artists 70s Since then it has been transformed into an exclusive residential neighborhood, hosting celebrities like Taylor Swift, Robert De Niro or Beyonce and Jay Z and many others.

Tribeca Newyork
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We begin the tour at the station corresponding to Canal St. line 1, and we will follow the map shown below.

Fleming Smith Warehouse

If it were not for the flashy store at the corner of Watts and Washington streets, the name of Fleming Smith would have disappeared with time. Little of his life is documented beyond what is around your store. The building is beautiful and worth walking a bit to admire. The facade has curious gables and dormers. On the west side you can see huge numbers of copper with the date 1891, while Fleming Smith monogram intertwined over them.

  • Address: 135 Watt Street, NY.

Tribeca Cinema

What I like about these movies is the mix of old-world charm Industrial rooms with a more modern touch. The bar is really huge, giving people plenty of room to relax before the event. When you enter the theater impressed and can see some seats that are twice as wide. It is probably the only place in New York where I saw a movie with no interference horrible noises. Overall it is a nice place to watch any movie and during spring hosts the Tribeca Film Festival. A curious fact: it is permitted to bring alcohol inside!

  • Address: 54 Varick St.

Ghostbusters Firehouse

If you’ve ever seen the movie Ghostbusters, it’s hard not to smile when you go through this fire station. The funniest thing is seeing firefighters who serve the public, are proud of the film and leave the audience speechless with their decorations; several times I have seen the fire waving at the camera tourists. On the floor you will see the Ghostbusters logo and you might want to take a picture.

  • Address: 14 N Moore St

Flea Theater

The Flea Theater is a small place ideal for being close to the action Tribeca. Its seats are extremely comfortable and have a very good selection of beers and wines to buy before the performance or during the intermission. The stage is on the floor and there are only three or four rows of chairs – as is so small you can see everything well. However, the rows are further back are somewhat higher to avoid problems.

  • Address: 41 White St.

Philip Williams Posters Museum

The Museum Philip Williams Posters in a place that is a step back in time. Be prepared to pay high prices for some very difficult items to find. It’s the best place to find posters of the city and another thing that strikes me are antique postcards and unique selling, which are provided by other museums and reaching thousands few dollars. A unique place with objects that will surprise you.

  • Address: 52 Warren St.

The Mysterious Bookshop

And we talked about this charming place in our selection of favorite bookstores south of Manhattan . If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or just looking to sit on a comfortable sofa surrounded by mysteries, The Mysterious Bookshop is your corner in New York. This local bookstore, with many years in the neighborhood, is the perfect quiet place to spend the afternoon at Tribeca. There is a section of books two dollars, but mostly lots of mystery books.

  • Address: 58 Warren St

Nelson A. Rockefeller Park

We go to the tip of Manhattan, Close to the Hudson River to get some rest at this fabulous park. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Park has playgrounds, basketball court, picnic areas, plenty of benches to sit and above all peace. It is very clean, spacious and lively. Most it is for runners, bikers and day trips, but also have spaces designated for pets. His views of the Hudson River will leave you in love!

Poets House

Poets House is an absolute gem beside the Nelson A. Rockefeller Park. If you want a quiet place in Manhattan to read, study or relax with great river views, this corner is perfect. It is open to the public and is free. Other public libraries in the city not allowed bringing food and drink, but here you can. The upstairs has seating, comfy cushions and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River Park and Nelson Rockefeller.

  • Address: 10 River Terrace

Woolworth Building

This building has always been one of my favorites for its Gothic-classical style. Besides its architecture it is reminiscent of a bygone era, where buildings took years of planning and were meticulously detailed to achieve the greatness that we see today. Over one hundred years later, we still admire its impressive vaulted ceilings copper, which have green since after suffering countless episodes of rain and snow. It is wonderful to see the beauty that those architects designed to create one of the first skyscrapers of the Big Apple.

  • Address: 233 Broadway

Art gallery Tribeca

We left for last this chapter because, as with the Chelsea art galleries, there are many touring the Tribeca neighborhoods. One of my favorites is the International Arts Gallery, located very close to the Canal Street station; where we started the tour. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. For 20 years, the gallery has been dedicated to raising awareness to contemporary artists from Asia. I have a special affinity with the work of Poura Jinchi. The founder, Jung, was kind enough to accompany me through their work.

  • Address: 434 Greenwich St

Where to eat in Tribeca

Tribeca Grill restaurant is co-owned by Robert DeNiro, so the atmosphere is elegant and exclusive. Although usually full, the feeling is nice and easy to hear conversations; something that I assure you that in New York is not always assured. The time I came I loved it. I started with the salad with mozzarella, very good, and for my main course I ordered the crab cake, which was also very good. A restaurant I will definitely return.

  • Address: 375 Greenwich St

Where to stay in Tribeca

Tribeca is a very quiet residential neighborhood, so you will not find much room. Yes, very close to the Village, Chelsea and the Financial District, so quickly can access these other neighborhoods.

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