Traveler’s diarrhea, an effective remedy

Traveler's diarrhea
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Have you suffered diarrhea when undertaking your travel to a certain destination, but do not know how to remedy this embarrassing situation? Hidrasec stands as a benchmark among drugs to stop this intestinal disorder and its associated effects.

The arrival of summer is synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment, but can also have consequences that affect our body due to high temperatures such as changes in the products we consume or changes of environment when we travel and can trigger various conditions such as diarrhea. The latter occurs when we talk about rare increased bowel movements of a person, by reference to their most common intestinal rhythm.

Traveler's diarrhea
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Symptoms associated with traveler’s diarrhea usually begin in the second or third day of stay in the chosen destination. It is defined as the occurrence of four or more bowel movements in 24 hours or three or more in a period of eight hours, studying with other complementary symptoms as can be abdominal pain, vomiting, cramps, fever or discomfort in defecation. Travelers from developed countries are more likely to develop this condition.

Travel From our blog we recommend use Hidrasec racecadotril, a medicine to treat diarrhea in adults and acting locally, regulating the flow of water into the intestine. Does not change the intestinal transit time, it does not cause further constipation or bloating.

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In addition to acting quickly, it is compatible with other drugs, has no activity on the central nervous system, does not change the bowel movement and does not generate annoying swellings. You can take one capsule at any time of day and then one capsule three times a day before meals. The treatment lasts a total of 48 hours.

With Hidrasec You can stop the secretion of water and electrolytes in the gut wall and reduce the duration of diarrhea.

Have you tried the benefits of Hidrasec? How was your experience?

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