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Travel Guide
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One of the best options is to seek accommodation with kitchen, and either buys the food they need or prepared foods in the markets we find around town.

If you do not eat meat sure you already know what’s what happens when you go to a restaurant, you have a party or … you go on vacation! It may become a mission impossible to find a menu that does not contain what you have decided to stop using.

The good news is that more and more cities and even countries “veggie-friendly”. Therefore, if you are planning a trip do not hesitate to take a look at this article. Read carefully this travel guide for vegetarians (and vegans).

No meat, no chicken, no fish, no ham

Surely you’ve been asked a thousand times: and what do you eat? As if the meat was the only option on the planet. Or maybe you had to explain on more than one occasion why you are vegetarian. Even to understand others that “you do not live salad”!

After a while and everyone at home will have become accustomed to your new way of eating and even your grandmother remembers prepare something different when you go visit her.

But what happens on vacation? Well, there the subject can be a bit more complicated, although not an impossible mission.

How traveling being vegetarian? Maybe you need more laps looking for a restaurant, you finish eating a pizza at a local known worldwide and have to stuff yourself with continental breakfast for not starve during the day.

However, that should not be an excuse to not go out to see the world. You might find with waiters who look at you weird or that the only vegetarian dish is a salad of lettuce, tomato and carrot (as if only that fill the stomach of a human being). Much encouragement!

You still have the possibility to go to market, buy some things and prepare food yourself. If you’re more friendly cities who do not eat meat, such as London, Berlin or San Francisco, you will feel you touch the sky with your hands. There are even restaurants and markets where you can eat everything without problems!

You can use to buy more and save a dish for dinner or lunch the other day.

Travel Guide
Image Source: Google Image

Travel tips being vegetarian

The experiences of those who do not eat meat may be different depending on many factors.

For example, the destination of choice (do not recommend traveling to certain countries such as the United States where meat is present in 90% of the dishes), the ability to source their own food and how they operate abroad.

Therefore we offer some tips for being a vegetarian is not an obstacle that prevents you go around the world many times as you want:

Research the local gastronomy

You might be surprised to find out that there are traditional dishes that carry no meat of any kind. In addition to pizzas and pastas, in the Middle East you can ask hummus or falafel and Southeast Asia many recipes are prepared with vegetables, such as noodles sautéed Thailand.

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Stay in a room with kitchen

This way you can prepare your food. You not only save money, but also will feed you better. You will be leaving aside the fries and salads insipid!

Consultation with locals

When you arrive at the hostel or hotel you can ask where there is a market nearby if you know a vegetarian restaurant, etc. Even to reach a local gastronomic you can check if they have any choice meatless. Perhaps you can prepare it exclusively!

Learn how to say certain words

While the term “vegetarian” is known worldwide (and in most languages is said similarly), it would be good to know how to say phrases that will help in more than one case.

For example:

  • “Not like meat / chicken / fish / pork”
  • “Do you have a vegetarian menu?”
  • “”I am vegetarian”

Download Dictionary mobile or take it scored before leaving home.

Make a list of sites “veggie friendly”

In many websites available detailing restaurants. If you travel to a big city you should put together a list of those available that either serve vegetarian food or you can buy ingredients to cook yourself.

There are also mobile applications that offer updated information according to where you are.

It brings something to the “pica pica”

A cereal bar a block or a packet of biscuits can be an excellent choice when your stomach starts to creak and cannot find a blessed place with vegetarian food.

It can also help if the only place you found that you served the typical menu salad veggie.

Get organized

Do not expect to be ravenous to find a vegetarian restaurant. If you’re taking a walk around town and see that there is a shop which will provide food for lunch do not hesitate to buy something and save it in the bag .

Even though they are 10 in the morning and still cannot even move around the hearty breakfast. You never know when you’ll be able to find another site with these features!

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