Top tips for visiting the studios of harry potter in London

Studios of harry potter
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If your tender preadolescence copies of Harry Potter until the wee hours of the morning as if there were no tomorrow, if at night you dreamed that the Sorting Hat sent you to Gryffindor and if you with the release of each new book … Congratulations! The studies of Harry Potter in London (aka Warner Bros. Studios London) are your site. Because, yes friends, it gives us no shame recognize that we are lovers the adventures of Rowling.

We know that the spoilers put you in a bad mood. We too terrified we get to class and that some bastard companion had written the end of the sixth book on the blackboard. For this reason, we intend to give you some tips and tricks to visit the studios of Harry Potter in London, but keeping all the surprises safe. Fear not muggle! Reads without fear! This is a post 100% free of spoilers!

How to buy tickets

We have to tell you something you might sadden: Hedwig will not take a letter to your home with access to Harry Potter studios. However, if you want to buy some tickets to give away or simply to give the whim, you can do it on the official website. You will arrive in a special envelope! This option is useful if you do not yet know the exact date of your trip to the studies, because the entry is valid for 12 months and can choose the date and time later.

If you know when you want to go, buy the tickets directly on the web. Please note that to avoid crowds, day tickets are limited. Also, you can always create your own on if the goal is to surprise. And, let’s face it, the idea of a do it yourself harry potter we love.

Directions to harry potter studios

At last you can use the floo you keep so much love in your room! If you do not work or do not want to appear there dismembered, there are several options to get to the studies from London:

  • If you are driving, you know: GPS (enter the zip code WD25 7GS).
  • If you want to go directly from the city center, you have the possibility to access a bus operated by Golden Tours. Please note that the price shoots up to 50 pounds or more (includes leg, back and park entrance).

Our recommendation: Go in underground to Watford Junction. It will take approximately 40 minutes depending on your location. Once there, right out of the train station, a bus stop that will take you directly to the studios for 2 pounds round trip there. These buses take about 15 minutes and we love them because they go outside decorated with giant stickers Warner Bros. Studios. You’ll feel like you’re in the night owl, trust us.

Studios of harry potter
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Access to the park: How much time did you?

Yes, go getting the idea that this is similar to a theme park. Since set foot around enjoying the magic touch that have given to studies. Contemplate some small details to be outside and not get bogged down as soon as possible to enter which hysterical fan of Justin Bieber.

Why do we say this? Because the people who are there serving the people are very friendly and even get a bit later than the time marked on your pass, they are not going to put any problem to enter. That is, the time slot you choose to buy your input is important, but it is also indicative and simply serves to control the flow of attendees. Note that the view is free, there is no minimum or maximum stipulated time, but you’ll spend about three or four hours.

Audioguide, Yes or No?

The audioguide costs about 5 pounds. In your hand it is to rent or not, but we leave a brief test for yourself suitability values:

  • I am absolute fan of Harry Potter. It is not necessary that you rent the audio guide .Basically because from the moment you set foot inside’ll be screaming and jumping with excitement with every detail. Details, on the other hand, certainly know better than the audioguide. Do not waste time, you will not do or listen to the audio guide.
  • I’m a fan of Harry Potter, but I think Hermione marisabidillo level and I want everything. Okay, the audioguide may be an option. If you’re not going to be quiet and have the same ability to concentrate the hotshot in the series, go ahead and rent the audio guide!
  • Harry Potter? To me have brought me here a glancing blow, I have not read the books and I fell asleep in the movies. Oh! We have a badass over here! YA rent the audio guide. If you have no idea what all this (do not believe that is your case, dear reader, but to one of your companions) is the best renting the guide to find out what you’re seeing and isolate the screams of the fans hysterical.

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What I’m going to find inside?

You do NOT need to know what you are getting into. Moreover, we recommend NOT know absolutely nothing about what you are getting into; otherwise you will lose the surprise factor.

Do not be forward, not look for information online about what’s in Harry Potter studies before going. Stay away. Let go of the mouse now! Trust us: the less you know before you go, the better.

The only thing you can count on is that the butter beer is disgusting. Personally, I always had imagined hot, but it is not. It is curious to see how the foam flows over and over again, but it is too sweet and too expensive. You can choose to buy in a regular cup or a jug of memory as you see in the picture.

Can I eat inside?

Yes, within a cafeteria and hot dog at a somewhat extortionate price. You should have no problem in bringing a snack or sandwich, because during one of the parts of the visit you will find tables to sit and eat.

You can see the harry potter films in the studio?

If the visit already is long, imagine with the screening of some of the films! But yes, it is possible in some very specific cases. Subscribe to the newsletter of the studies to be aware of the dates available projections.

If I do not like harry potter, is it worth going?

Absolutely you know that you, dear reader, you love, but as you can be accompanied by someone or you go or you come, be assured that you will enjoy. It is both the world of Harry Potter itself, but the fact of how movies were filmed, scenes, special effects, etc.

Even if you’ve visited studies on occasion, worth it is going back, as the park adds new features regularly.

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