Top 5 Travel Gadgets for You

It is every traveler’s desire to carry as little luggage as possible. Though this maybe one’s desired goal, it is important that one takes with them everything they need. This may be a challenge as so many things are important to carry. This guide will help you identify the top five gadgets you need to travel like a pro and they will save you headache and stress during your journey.

Toothbrush sanitizer and noise isolating ear buds

While traveling your health should be of paramount importance above everything else because this is the point at which your immune system is most at risk. With a toothbrush sanitizer, you can protect yourself from illnesses by encouraging good hygiene. Noise isolating ear buds on the other hand protect your ears from excessive noise pollution from. These can also you help you relax by letting you get some sleep.

Portable Charger

All the gadgets travelers take with them; smartphones, tablets, laptops, readers, require to be charged. As you travels you will discover that there may not be enough outlets for charging and where you may find a charging station, it may be crowded with travellers each charging their devices. Investing in a portable charger may solve this problem for you. There are many options like veho pebble, mophie etc. for you to choose from depending on the device you want, your budget and the mode of transport you intend to use. Solar power chargers like the solar iPhone charger can also come in very handy to ensure that you don’t travel too far with a dead phone. Wireless chargers too like Innex Electro HUB which can charge all devices in one go is also a good consideration you when preparing for travel.

Luggage Locator 

It is always so stressful for travellers when they arrive at their destinations and their luggage is nowhere to be found. Now there is a solution to that. With a small device called Trakdot, luggage can be easily found. You should be place the device in the bag. Trakdot works by sending information to a smartphone through an app that provides GPS location of the luggage or through an SMS.

Personal Tracker

A personal tracker is important because it will help you figure out the direction. If you’re exploring a big city but didn’t quite keep the landmarks, it is easy to get lost. With a personal tracker like Trackstic, when plugged into your computer, it integrates with Google map and will give you a map of all your explorations that is personalized.

A video camera that can’t be broken

A video camera that is pocket size and durable comes in very handy when one is travelling, like the Kodak play sport video camera which is waterproof and can capture all images just with autofocus. With a built in software and USB cable it is easy to shoot, edit by trimming and adding voice-overs on the cameras edit window, you can upload and share images on social media.

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