Top 5 honeymoon destinations

honeymoon destinations

From the moment you send your first wedding invitation to the one where the last wedding speech will be delivered, the time may pass by accelerating. The preparations for D-Day are indeed going at a crazy pace and the wedding day will end before you can catch your breath. We would like to be able to extend for months or years this great day when we feel radiant in her beautiful wedding dress.

The end of the wedding day is still good because it launches the countdown to another big event eagerly awaited by the bride and groom: their honeymoon! If you have not yet decided your honeymoon destinations, here is a top 5 most popular places for honeymooners.

 Here we share 5 Honeymoon destinations for you

1. To the beach: Maldiveshoneymoon destinations

Maldives and Seychelles are fighting for first place in the hearts of the newlyweds, but it is usually the Maldives that come first. Have you opted for a wedding theme between the beach and turquoise sea? Do you dream of warmth and relaxation to celebrate your love? So go to this island state in the south of India.

The Maldives is reached by seaplane to discover kilometers of heavenly beaches with deliciously warm waters. Lovers of diving and water sports, you will be spoiled for choice and no longer regret your wedding events.

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2. For the city: New Yorkhoneymoon destinations

New York is one of the most emblematic cities in the world, a destination whose only name tends to make more than one dream. The urbanest of you will certainly want to enjoy their honeymoon to explore one of the most vibrant cities.

Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn, the Met, the MoMA, Ellis Island, Coney Island, Broadway, New York City are packed with must-sees that will take you from discovery to discovery and allow you to complete as appropriate your album of original wedding photos.

3. For nature: Australiahoneymoon destinations

Australia is an ideal honeymoon destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts. This country has indeed a flora and fauna of an extreme diversity because of its location, its extent and its efforts to preserve this natural environment.

Difficult to summarize Australia in a few words as this land is vast and rich in contrasts. A word of advice: do not miss the fabulous natural expanses of the Whitsunday Islands, the magnificent coral reef and the hundred or so species of birds living on the spot!

4. For cultivation: Japanhoneymoon destinations

You bet on an oriental wedding decoration? So you will love spending your honeymoon in Japan! In terms of culture and scenery, this honeymoon destinations is ideal as it will transport you to a world unlike yours where traditions and customs millennia are at the rendezvous.

The capital Tokyo and the Seno-Ji Temple, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Shibuya, the young and trendy district, Kyoto, a real open-air museum, the breathtaking heritage of Nara city, Osaka and its fabulous gastronomy, places of discovery do not miss the call!

5. For a change of scenery at your fingertips: Croatiahoneymoon destinations

Who said it was necessary to fly to the end of the world to change air? Only two hours flight from Paris, Croatia is a destination just as heavenly as the islands furthest away from you.

Croatia will inspire you with the most beautiful quotes of love. Do not miss the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik, Split, island Hvar or island Mljet to enjoy the beach and beautiful natural surroundings or Krka, a national park with beautiful waterfalls where you can to bathe.

An original wedding that cannot be improvised, it’s getting ready! To surprise your loved ones with fun activities, think ahead of the wedding games that you will present. Have fun for example to invent a game consisting of guessing the destination of your honeymoon!

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