Top 5: Chocolates destinations!

Chocolates destinations!
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For those fans of chocolate, here we present a ranking of the top 5 cities in the world that are ideal to enjoy it!

Bitter, soft, white or black, chocolate is delicious in all its varieties. These are just some of the many destinations that are a must on the itinerary of chocolate lovers.

1) Max Brenner, New York: This restaurant specializes in chocolate in its various forms. Among the best known, hot chocolate, served in a special cup, which has the most intense flavor stands out. Another dish to delight consists of two fondues chocolate and caramel. Irresistible!

2) Valrhona Chocolate, Tain I’Hermitage, France: Valrhona, founded by a pastry chef in 1922, is recognized as the land of chocolate and exports to the world their products. Its development is composed of a large amount of cocoa butter, giving it a unique flavor to chocolate. For those who prefer to travel to a nearby location, the brand has opened one of its stores in San Pablo.

Chocolates destinations!
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3) Chocolatey San Gines, Madrid: The most famous chocolate Madrid could not miss in the list.They are offering traditional churns with an exquisite chocolate, made for those chocolate lovers a destination.

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4) The Chocolate Boutique Hotel Bournemouth, England: This site is a true paradise for chocolate lovers. It is the only theme hotel in the world! It is a nineteenth century mansion, decorated with different shades of cocoa in all of its rooms. In every corner of the place, there are sources of Belgian chocolate to enjoy marshmallows and other goodies.

5) Hot Chocolate Maya, Mexico: At this location, the hot chocolate is different! Historians say that in this place the chocolate was born. Succulent, with a bitter taste seasoned with hot peppers, is a different way to enjoy this classic drink.

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