Tips to rent car in Miami

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Miami has so much to offer that a car is almost essential to get around the city. So in this travel blog, we tell you some tips to rent car in Miami. Take note!

If you chose this city as a destination for your next trip, the first thing you have to do is think how mobilizable between its different points. Given that a taxi can cost the same as renting an economy car for three days, you may not have to think much. Renting a car in Miami is the solution! In addition, the price of gasoline is very convenient compared to paid in other countries.

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Renting a car in Miami will be very useful to know the different beaches, wander the best shopping, tour the district of Art Deco and, above all, continue your trip to Orlando (this journey will take only 3 hours and a half if you go by car). One of the most important things when choosing a rental car is that has GPS. This will allow you to get around town like you knew, calculate how much will take to reach your destination and take the shortest paths. So do not forget to make this request when you make your reservation

What consider when driving in Miami?

  • The speed is not indicated in kilometers and in Argentina, but in miles. Please note: each mile equals 1.62 km.
  • While you need not have international license to rent car in Miami, it is advisable to have it, especially if you have an accident (knock on wood!). In addition, some car rental companies can ask for as a condition.
  • The minimum age you have to have to rent a car in Miami is 25 years, although some companies allow drivers from 21. Consider that in many cases you can request up to 2 or 3 years experience in management to approve you renting a car.
  • Most car rental companies in Miami will allow you to return the car in a spot other than where you picked, as long as it is within the United States. That’s it! There may be an extra charge that will depend on the distance between these two points.

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What are the best cars to rent in Miami?

You can choose between cars (compact, economical, large, medium, sports, convertible or luxury) and trucks (standard, large, pickups, vans, minivans or). The decision will depend on your budget, the type of travel you want to do, and the amount of people traveling with you.

Four friends in Miami can rent a convertible and pull wildly, while a large family you will agree to a pickup or van for everyone to be comfortable. If you go with the idea of touring malls and buy everything, nothing better than a big car with a big trunk well.

We recommends the best car rental agencies businesses and tells you the number of passengers who can enter each vehicle and the number of bags (and their size) so you can calculate what the best option also, you do your search by indicating the number of people who are traveling with you, to make you a personalized suggestion.

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