Tips for a safe vacation

safe vacation

Holidays are the most anticipated time of the year. After long days of study and work, the days of deserved rest are not long in coming. But vacations must be safe.

To enjoy a pleasant vacation minimizing all types of risks, it is necessary to take measures. Among other things, to avoid the feared thefts in homes.

The house in order for a safe holiday

tips for a safe vacation

Whether gas or water, these services are not necessary while there is no one at home. It is about avoiding major problems in case of leaks. On the other hand, care must be taken to leave the refrigerator empty and all non-essential electronic equipment turned off and disconnected.

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That the house does not always seem empty

You can use timers to turn on and off lights or devices such as television and radio. A good trick is to lower the volume to the telephone ring. If it does not stop ringing and its constant ringing is heard from the street, it is an unequivocal sign that nobody is inside.

Do not publish plans on social networks

For many security restrictions imposed on personal profiles, social networks contain information in the public domain. If you plan to spend several days out of town, doing promotion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can attract friends from what is foreign.

Count on neighbors

The neighbors can help us have a safe vacation. It’s about eventually going around the house and being alert to strange noises. If you have enough confidence, you can leave a copy of the key to enter the house if necessary.

Holidays by car

safe vacation
Holidays by car

A visit to the trusted mechanic or authorized service center is a must. It must be ensured that each and every one of the vehicle’s components work properly.

Check the fluids just before leaving

Engine oil, coolants, brake fluid, among others. You have to check the status of all the lights and the air pressure of the tires.

Avoid talking on the phone while driving, as well as smoking

They are seemingly harmless activities, but they steal attention. The intake of alcoholic beverages should be completely discarded when being behind the wheel.

Use the seatbelt at all times

safe vacation

If the routes are very long trying to be at least two people who drive. If this possibility does not exist, it is recommended to take breaks of at least 10 minutes every two hours.

By plane

There is no safer way to travel than by plane. However, for the experience to be totally pleasant there are things to consider.

Arrive at the airport well in advance, especially if you are traveling in a season as demanded as the summer holidays.

Properly organize the luggage. If you have doubts, the web pages of all airlines and airports will help. These pages keep the lists of objects allowed on board updated in carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

To find accommodation

When looking for accommodation on the Internet you have to take precautions. We will use trusted websites, which maintain a high number of comments from other users. Some portals even offer validation certificates.

Vacation on the beach

In the summer, coastal destinations steal the preferences of the majority. Remembering safety and health measures never hurts.

It is essential to use sunscreen and apply it 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. In all parts of the body that do not remain under any item of clothing, including the skull, ears, hands, etc. The same considerations should be adopted on cloudy days.

tips for a safe vacation

Every two hours a new layer of protection should be applied, especially after swimming or practicing sports.

You should also avoid outdoor activities that are too long at noon, just when the sun is at its highest point.

You also have to respect all the signs, as well as the recommendations and instructions of lifeguard personnel.

Technological recommendations for a safe vacation

Disconnecting completely from the internet may be impossible, even on vacation. However, there are things that should be avoided.

Do not use public WiFi networks of hotels, airports or restaurants to perform electronic banking tasks.

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