Three unforgettable getaways for the South of France to drive

South of France
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For those on your next trip not want to waste time in airports, we offer three trips to the neighboring country full of charm: Auch, Cahors and Rocamadour, all in the Midi-Pyrnénèes.

Homeland of D’Artagnan, Gascony is a large historic province of France located between the Pyrenees, the Garonne valley and the Atlantic coast is also known to hide an unmatched set of fortified villages in medieval times: the famous fortified. As a starting point, Auch, calm and monumental city on the banks of the Gers and dominated by a castle that appears hanging from the rocky cliffs that plunge into the river. 

South of France
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A monumental staircase decorated with the statue of the legendary Musketeer connects the top and bottom of the city, around which discovered the unusual Pousterles, narrow streets with steps descending the slope and formerly allowed the inhabitants fetching water from the river. Overlooking the city, the majestic assembly constituted by the Tower of Armagnac, the Sainte-Marie cathedralinscribed in the World Heritage, as the main stage on the roads of Santiago de Compostela, and the Prefecture (former archbishop’s palace). In the vicinity of the lively Place de la Libération and the adjacent medieval streets are nice shops, cafes and restaurants serving the best foie gras from the confits, without forgetting the Armagnac, the aguardiente appreciated that occurs in this French province.

Do not miss:

  • Follow one of the two marked hiking trails that start from the tourist office.
  • The Treasures of the cathedral: the choir, the windows of Arnaut de Moles and the great organ of the seventeenth century.
  • The Museum. Jacobins, with a magnificent collection of pre-Columbian art Distance: 215 km. Hendaye and 316 to the Junquera.

The scenery majestic Lot valley, Cahors arises, a city of art and history with an old, intact hull and deliciously live bears the medieval streets of the bridge Valentré, with its three towers fortification- to the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, both declared World Heritage Site, to the marketplace, the Secret Gardens and lively boulevard Gambetta, the main street of the town, full of shops where you stop.

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Do not miss:

  • The View of Cahors and Meander of Lot from Mount Saint-Cyr, either at dawn, when the fog lifts to show the city, or at night
  • Find the imp sculpted in one of the towers Valentré bridge, evoking the legend of the construction of this.
  • Acercarte to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, one of the most beautiful villages in France due to its location on the edge of a cliff. Distance: 325 and 335 Hendaye La Junquera.

Literally hanging from a rock wall in the narrow gorge of the River Alzou, houses, roofs and churches seem a work of genius, although its origin can be traced to the miracles attributed to the image of the Black Madonna appeared at the site and he converted from the middle ages into a center of pilgrimage. The tour starts in front of Figuier and runs along the street Couronneriethe only one of Rocamadour, lively, full of shops and beautiful houses. A monumental staircase leads to the heart of Rocamadour which are grouped in a protected rock esplanade eight old churches and chapels, including that of Notre-Dame, which houses the Black Madonna. The view from the viewpoint of the castle, which crowns the village, offers a breathtaking view of the holy city.

Do not miss:

  • -The Church of Saint-Sauveur and the crypt of Saint-Amadour, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco for its importance in the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.
  • -The Magic night panoramic
  • -A foot of the town the Alzou canyon and the valley of Ouysse for those who dare with excursions Distance: 377 km. Hendaye and 411 to the Junquera.

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