Those magical places in the world

magical places in the world
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When you face situations that excite you, the body reacts very particular way. There are many studies that suggest that the heart beats us a little stronger when we are in those magical and wonderful places in the world, therefore the emotion that means us to be present there as the energy of the people and the place itself.

It is essential to emotionally connect with the places that we dress to have that feeling of lump in the throat in front of these landscapes which are certainly of the most beautiful in the world.

While they are highly recognized 7 wonders of the world, and the newly elected new wonders of the modern world, we cannot leave the places that participated in the election and were not the winners outside.

Then we leave a list of some of the destinations that were as finalists for these places that have infinite beauty are not lost.

Acropolis of Athens, Athens, Greece: Built between 460 and 430 C. contains the most significant buildings of Greek culture. Visiting it is a trip to the most beautiful of the history books.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia: Is the largest religious building; made in the fourth century is one of the best preserved temples. You can tour the whole and the beauty of architecture is stunning.

Moai of Easter Island, Chile: Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with an area of 163 km, it contains the famous Moai statues corresponding to the Rapanui ethnic involving a fascinating charm.

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Cathedral of St. Basil / Kremlin, Moscow, Russia: Built between 1555 and 1561 in Moscow’s Red Square is famous for its architecture and its striking domes. It is one of the most viewed destinations in the world and the city one of the most attractive.

Stonehenge, Amesbury, United Kingdom: Built in 2500 BC with stone blocks, their magic focuses on the perfection of its distribution and the mystery of its use. The secrets of ancient cultures live there and get to know them is magical.

Timbuktu, Mali: Its characteristic is given in a city that is mostly made of sand. And she who destroys gave its proximity to the desert, which also deprives it of vegetation and water. The charm of its streets, squares and markets are unique in that framework.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France: Ideal for romantics, this monument built in 1889 is the most visited in the world and gives a unique charm to the city to view it from any corner of the city.

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