This is how you should take your dog in the car

dog in the car
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You approach the holiday travel, and like every time this happens, doubts arise about how to travel with dogs in the car. Traveling with a dog, a cat with a bird, with fish or hamster is much more common than it seems, but surely, dogs are the animals most – traveled aboard the vehicle. Finally, after all , are the animals most loyal company, so we should not wonder that wish to accompany us on our journey.

In addition, to make the trip with our animal to a successful conclusion, there is nothing better to follow some simple recommendations.

dog in the car
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With dogs the car, the journey begins long before

Before leaving on a trip, it is important to verify that the animal is in good condition. A visit to the vet allows us to know the status of the animal. In addition, if it is an animal that is often seasick, perhaps the vet we can provide some medication to help.

Moreover, if you travel should seek information about possible requirements that may exist to enter or leave the country with a pet.

When preparing the trip, it is important to bring water, food, a toy and animal hygiene items. If we carry a suitcase, the dog also needed. In addition, this bag will help you, too, to be more relaxed during the trip.

Inside the vehicle, the animals must be conveniently located. Let us not forget what says the Rules of the road in the handiest item in case of fines.

The driver of a vehicle must maintain their own freedom of movement, the required field of vision and permanent attention to driving, to ensure their own safety, the rest of the vehicle occupants and other users of the via. For this purpose, you must take special care to maintain proper position and keep the rest of the passengers, and proper placement of objects or animals transported so that there is no interference between the driver and any of them.

And then it comes all of the screens and mobile, by pure addition to the original text, but the first thing you wrote in that article spoke precisely placing people, objects and animals to avoid unnecessary risks.

Where to place the dog during the trip?

In case of heavy braking or a collision, the dog can hit and hurt, harm the occupants of the car, or fly out, even projected out of the car. That is why the dog basic travel well located and subject.

If we talk about small or medium dogs, ideally traveling housed in a carrier. The best location for this is the floorboard behind the front seats. This location is the safest and where less heat will during daylight hours. It is very important to note that in the event of a crash, can be dangerous to the carrier placed on the seats go, even if we use the seat belt to tie.

Almost any size dog there is special harnesses that are attached to the belt or directly to the seat. Those who only hold the dog by the collar are not sure, either for the animal, and if the harness has more than one anchor point, the dog will be safer, will move less and there will be less risk of dizzy.

If we talk about big dogs, it is best subjects traveling in the trunk, if it is large and has moon at the gate. If possible, we recommend placing a grid or network separation between the trunk and the area for people, and even between the boot areas that we allocate the animal and the area where the bags are located.

In any case, it is appropriate that the dog used to the space in which it will surely a few hours. It is important to explore that place a few days before the trip. In this way, it will not be so difficult to face the path that you have to perform.

Moreover, that brings us to the next point.

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Do not get tired with the journey; he never would

Travelling by car is fun … if you have not born a dog. For an animal, the journey aboard a vehicle can be stressful. Traveling with dogs in the car so, and we must anticipate that our mascot needs rest, almost as much as we need drivers. Alternatively, even more if the dog is not used to traveling.

We seize the stops we do every two hours or every 200 kilometers to not only rest as drivers, but that the animal can stretch your legs. It is very important to keep him on leash before opening the car door, or the dog may be tempted to go running around without much caution and end run.

Also at that time, you can give you some water, some biscuit, but not too much food, just in case the animal dizzy when getting back in the car.

What if we do not travel with a dog but with another animal?

If ours are not dogs but cats, hamsters or cockatoos, more or less the same recommendations apply. If the animal is small, it should be very attentive to water loss that may occur during the journey. If we talk about a bird, obviously we will take you inside a cage if you do not want to end flitting around the cabin…

Overall, it is a number of tips for traveling by car with dogs, cats, birds or any animal that, deep down, they appeal to our common sense as human beings.

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