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Mar del Plata
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Summer is coming to Argentina and, with it, the long-awaited vacation on the Atlantic coast. Many will enjoy the first month of 2016 in cities like Pinamar, Cariló and San Bernardo. But the most popular is the Pearl of the Atlantic. In this travel blog we tell what to do in Mar del Plata during the holidays.

January, February and, why not, March are the months that leverage the most Argentines to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Usually it is seen a greater influx of people into some of the most tourist cities of the country, especially after the Christmas and New Year.

Which attracts more travelers are Mar del Plata, the most traditional and popular for holidays on the Atlantic coast city. It is not only a resort known for its beaches but also offers several entertainment options and attractions you’ll love.

Mar del Plata
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Mar del Plata and its beaches

Merry has several areas where you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast, relax on the sand under the sun and have fun in the sea. The most famous are La Perla, Playa Grande, Punta Mogotes Lighthouse, and Cape Varese Corrientes. All receive a lot of travelers during the summer, they are easily accessible and have lots of spas, with several services (from restaurants overlooking the sea and parking to swimming pools just meters from the beach and facilities for sports activities and nautical). While some are a bit further away from the city center than others, all are excellent places to relax and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Many hotels in Mar del Plata, also have access to spas and parasols on these beaches and include transfers for its guests, where these are far apart.

Mar del Plata and entertainment

During the summer, Merry becomes the cradle of the action on the Atlantic coast when the theater season starts. Hundreds of works can be seen in its 30 rooms, from children’s shows and comedies to the famous “revue”.

You can also enjoy concerts and even football games Summer Tournament in the Sports Stadium. If you want to learn a little more nightlife in the city, do not forget to tour the German Avenues or Guemes where you’ll find various bars and discos as Mr. Jones or Silver Mula. Also, you will not leave town without dancing to the music of Sobremonte, take a microbrew in Antares, or attend concerts Concert Abbey Road Bar.

During these months you can also enjoy various festivals in the city, like the National Sea Festival(where it is chosen to National Reina del Mar and princesses) and the National Fishermen’s Festival (you can sample dishes with fish and seafood, made ​​by the fishermen of the city). And why not cuddle the Casino and play for a while? Whenever the luck be with you!

Mar del Plata and its attractions

Merry has some of the most characteristic places of the Atlantic coast and that you can not miss:

  • La Rambla, sea lions, the arcades, dry place and Plaza Colón were declared Urban Architectural National Assembly for their relevance and beauty, besides being part of the National Heritage. The: Beside them the famous symbol of the city is located Memorial Marino Lobo, composed of two statues by sculptor Joseph Fioravanti.
  • You can also tour the harbor, where not only will you see the boats arriving every day and where you can buy fresh fish, but can also see the sea lions sitting at the end of the jetty. Hire a boat ride and test cones or fried squid rings cornalitos are other unmissable.
  • Another place that you can visit is the “Tower of the Monk”, on Punta Piedras Canyon, Paseo Galindez. It was declared of Patrimonial Interest and is also a National Historic Landmark. Here you will find cafes, spa facilities, exhibition halls and a viewpoint that allows you to have a beautiful picture of the city by the sea.
  • Mar del Plata is also well known because it was the place where the writer committed suicideAlfonsina Storni, going into the sea. The monument that bears his name is very close to where this happened and is a must-see city.
  • If you also like the beach spaces with trees and vegetation far nothing better than visiting theCamet Park. There are 140 hectares with eucalyptus and a lagoon at the mouth of the stream The Tapera. It is a recreation area with tennis for sports, barbecues, games and horse riding.And but you can walk the Peralta Ramos forest, 400 hectares with eucalyptus trees, pines, poplars and willows. It is located beside the Barrio Alfar and 10 blocks from the beaches of this neighborhood. Currently it has teahouse, lodges, cabins and an ice cream to stay.
  • The lighthouse of Punta Mogotes is one of the most popular attractions of Mar del Plata. It is located on a hill 26 meters high, 35 meters and a staircase of 154 steps. It is one of the oldest maritime points reference the Atlantic coast and a must-see attraction in the city.

Mar del Plata and its hotels

Now that you already know everything you can do in Happy , Plan your trip starting at the accommodation. 
You’ll find many hotels in Mar del Plata of different categories, from cabins and hostels to hotels and large resorts. All have characteristics that differentiate them.

For example, the Provincial Hotel (now the NH) has 24 hours bar, spa tent or umbrella and own covered garage, while the Hotel Riviera features express laundry and dry cleaning service and luggage storage.

Furthermore, the Hotel Hermitage offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms, private access to the casino, medical emergencies 24 hours and spa (with sauna, Turkish bath, Scottish shower and whirlpool, among others).

Among the best known are counted the Sheraton Mar del Plata Hotel, which was distinguished as accessible by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation: prepared with 2 rooms, elevators for the disabled and Braille communication throughout the building. And the Costa Galana Hotel, one of the best known, has a Mini Club, a place specially created for children aged 3-12 years with recreational activities coordinated by teachers trained in physical education and child recreation.

Other hotels that has much to offer is the Hotel Dos Reyes, a little cheaper for being 4 star, and offers international cuisine restaurant, piano bar, child care and transportation to the spa.

With all these things to do in Mar del Plata you have to begin now to organize your trip.Enjoy your holiday on the Atlantic coast in the best way and takes advantage of all the options that you can find in La Feliz.

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