Things to do in Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is among the thrilling cities that are ornamented by skyscrapers and shopping malls making it to among the busiest towns in China. Although many people have not seen or heard about the compelling treasures of this mesmerising city, it is still among the highly reckoned places that people should visit when in China. Getting to China is easier than you might think, find cheap flights from a multitude of websites on the internet and get your trip to China planned and booked as soon as possible.  Below are among the beauty oozing regions that people should consider visiting always to have fun and accomplish their touring goals.

  1. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

This is a beautiful modern city that is enriched with exemplary restaurants and shopping centres. As a known commercial street that contains all kinds of goodies, people flood the place always making it a social interaction point where many tourists from across the world visit. It is more than one kilometre long, and rumour has it that it contains more than 300 shops that sell both traditional and modern brands. The colourful china writings that shine at night make the street enchanting. This street is among the best places that you can learn China traditions.

  1. Pearl River

With a length of 2,000 kilometres, this River is the third longest river in China making it among the places that people are longing to visit. It has four tributaries which are estimated to be 70 kilometres long beach, and they join at Guangzhou and end on the South China Sea. Enjoy the ride at night when the neon lights get reflected by the river creating a fascinating view of the place. It is a cool and quite place that will make you to enjoy the breeze as you stream down the river on your small pseudo voyage.

  1. Whampoa Military Academy Former Site

Opened in 1924, this place is a historic representation of how the young military talents were recruited and trained. This site speaks a lot about the independence of china because this is where the commander used to train the soldiers who fought against Japan. The site was later destroyed by Japan on 1937 and later rebuild and restored on 1964. It is good for those who are looking to have practical evidence of the theoretical history of China.

  1. Sacred Heart Cathedral

This is a 58-meter height Catholic Church that happens to be the oldest church in the area. It is located on the northern bank of the Perl River. Many like visiting it because of its large size and oldness because it was built when the Romans were introducing the Catholic denomination to the people of China. It is there a religious centre that many religion history lovers can always visit.

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