These cities are as big as countries

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Singapore is a country that can be crossed from one end to the motorway in just half an hour (or bus in one hour). On a world map, Singapore cannot even be seen. It is a tiny country where, in addition, it is spoken English, when it is completely surrounded by regions where it is spoken Chinese, Malay or Thai. It is so tiny that it has only one city.

At the diametrically opposite point, there are cities larger than Singapore, even larger than other countries, even larger than several countries together.


Qaasuitsup, in Greenland, is the largest city in the world: it is equivalent to unite the United Kingdom, Germany and the Benelux. Or put another way: this municipality is bigger than … all of France! However, it is almost empty of human life: in the census of 2014, its population is of 17.498 inhabitants.

Denmark claims Island Hans as part of Qaasuitsup, while Canada considers that it is part of the Qikiqtaaluk region in Nunavut.

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Baie James

The city of Baie James, in Quebec, Canada, whose surface is comparable to that of Finland. It covers 297,332.84 square kilometers of land, making it the largest municipality in Canada.

The La Grande Complex hydroelectric plants are all located within the Baie-James municipal boundaries, making the municipality strategically important in Québec’s energy policy. Other important economic sectors are mining, softwood logging, forestry and tourism.


Hulunbuir, in Inner Mongolia, China, another city as massive as the United Kingdom in its entirety (in fact, it is a city-prefecture: an administrative division of the People’s Republic of China which is situated in the political-administrative structure, Below the provincial level and above the county level).

Its area is of 263 953 km ² that could be divided in three regions: the one of grasslands, those of mountains covered with forests and the one of valley. Its total population is 2710000.

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