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New York
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We are often asked when is the best time to travel to the Big Apple, based in New York while each month. After years living in the city, and knowing more or less as each month progresses, we have prepared some tips for you to know when is the time you are most appropriate to visit the city, and what is the time in New York as it goes advancing the year.

The weather in New York in January

January is usually the coldest in New York. With temperatures can reach 15°C and a maximum not exceeding 4°C, we witness is a difficult city to visit, or rather to enjoy butt month. Between snow forming ice sheets that are dangerous and tall buildings that create wind currents, wind chill makes it even less.

We recommend bringing warm clothes and dress in layers (not hesitate pajamas under entirely if necessary). Also snow boots, gloves, ear muffs, scarf and basically everything you can serve for cover.

Advantages of travel in January: Once past Christmas in New York, tourism falls and it’s time to find a New York flight deals, cheap accommodation, tickets for musicals, tours in New York  and spend less in the Big Apple.

New York
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The weather in New York in February

February is still a cold month but does not become the end is January. The rains continue and are likely to continue snowing, so not yet entered the good months to travel to New York. Temperatures range between 5°C and 10°C.

As in January recommended to bring warm clothes and dress in layers (not hesitate pajamas under entirely if necessary). Also snow boots, gloves, ear muffs, scarf and basically everything you can serve for cover.

Advantages of travel in February: Spend a little as in January, it is still low season and prices will notice that they are more affordable. But beware, if you catch on February 14 everything changes because it is one of the highest for activities, days dinner or stay in New York.

The weather in New York in March

Come March, the snow gives way to rain. It is a very nice month since spring and the city begins, although rainy, clear charm. Temperatures remain low, but bearable. Temperatures range between 0°C and 12°C.

During March we have to prepare the case for rainy days with little cold yet. Therefore we recommend bringing wellies, raincoats, hooded sweatshirts or coats. Gloves will not be more.

Advantages of travel in March: Prices are still low so it is a good month to find deals worthwhile for quality / price. In mid-March is St. Patrick, which fills the city with life and color. In addition there is less chance of suffering cancellation of flights.

The weather in New York in April

New York begins to regain his warmest smile and it shows in the rise of tourism. And temperatures reach 16°C with minimal rarely drop below 5°C. The rains continue, but are more bearable thanks to milder temperatures.

As in April suitcase must prepare for rainy days, but also some warmer clothes. Therefore we recommend bringing wellies, raincoats, hooded sweatshirts or coats.

Advantages of traveling in April, temperatures are warmer and New York is in the middle of spring. The parks are beautiful with flowers growing (e.g. the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ) is very nice and outdoor activities.

The weather in New York in May

For us it is definitely one of the best months to travel because we have one of the best times in New York. Temperatures are already between 13°C and 23°C, allowing for lots of activities and spend all day on the street. There may be some rainy days, but there is more calm in this regard.

As the nights can be cool recommend wearing jerseys and sweatshirts. Otherwise, comfortable clothes almost summer and umbrella just in case, because it is possible that you caught a rainy day.

Advantages of travel in May: Especially temperatures allow being almost all day on the street, without going cold nor hot. It is ideal for trips, rent bikes and enjoy nature.

The weather in New York in June

Now we are approaching the summer and very noticeable. Always temperatures around 20°C, with highs of 26°C. The heat can be on the street because it is not yet stifling, but there may be some rain.

We recommend wearing summer clothes and an umbrella and a sweater just in case; especially for the last night or any river trip as a cruise. As local council, bring you a blanket if you want to have a picnic in Central Park or watch a movie in theaters summer.

Advantages of travel in June: It is a month with warm temperatures where activities overseas is all a joy. There are numerous free concerts and begin the summer theaters. Finally during Restaurant Week you can dine in fine restaurants at very low prices.

The weather in New York in July

Ecuador spent the year and we come to more hot and humid all year month. Patience for those of you planning to travel to New York, lots of water and plenty of cafes with air conditioning to rest. Temperatures can reach 30°C and rarely drop below 22°C.

In the suitcase should not miss the summer clothes and, although you may seem silly, is not more be a sweater or sweatshirt to counter the air conditioning of the sites; which often it seems to be thinking for polar bears.

Advantages of travel in July: With almost all sunny days, it’s the perfect time for hiking and outdoor activities. There are plenty of concerts, performances and can make many plans during the summer in New York. It is also the 4th of July as big day.

The weather in New York in August

August is, oddly enough, cooler than July . But this does not mean that is comfortable as you can be in May or September. The temperatures are normally exceeding 25°C and sometimes 30°C. Of course, being less humid wind chill is more enjoyable.

We recommend you prepare a very similar case to which you had prepared for July. Summer clothes and a sweater to fight air conditioners. You also have the option to bring your swimsuit if you want to bring any beach or pool of a hotel. We recommend you drink plenty of water.

Advantages of travel in August: The advantages that can bring in summer travel to many destinations. Almost always sunny, so despite the heat, ideal for walks and outdoor activities. Also at night it cools a bit and is ideal for summer theaters or concerts.

The weather in New York in September

Along with May, September in New York is one of the best months to enjoy the city. Heat forwards and is a joy to wander the streets and do outdoor activities. Temperatures around 20°C-25°C, but above all the humidity drops.

We suggest combining clothes in the suitcase summer with rain gear. It is not going to be very cold, but cool at night and take some fancy jersey. Furthermore, the possibilities of light rain are high, so that an umbrella is worth.

Advantages of travel in September: Having a more relaxed and cool weather is lovely walking and enjoying the outdoors York. The first rains fall on autumn leaves and beautiful being in Central Park. Besides the crowds have passed August.

The weather in New York in October

October is one of the months of recovery in tourism in New York. It is a month in which temperatures are very good, although at night cool. There is a swing between 15°C and 23°C, and some rainy days.

We suggest combining clothes in the suitcase summer with some jerseys, an umbrella and a good raincoat. Comfortable shoes, but they are beginning to overrun summer shoes and it is also desirable to be waterproof.

Advantages of travel in October: Prices fall and the weather is very good, so it’s a good time if you can take vacation to come to New York. Also late is Halloween, celebrated in style in the city.

The weather in New York in November

Unfortunately the temperatures are going good and is entering the winter cold. We may have days between 5°C and 12°C so as walking should be combined with a hot drink and stopping at cafes to rest. Of course, there is rarely snow in November.

To advise suitcase mainly winter clothes, but does not still need warm clothes for the snow. Gloves, umbrella and scarves are good additions. Rain footwear must not forget.

Advantages of travel in November: The main advantage is the price decreases to travel to the city. Although to us what we like most about the city is the number of events there. Beginning with the New York Marathon, Thanksgiving and many other parties that keep the city alive.

The weather in New York in December

December is an interesting month. It is one of the coldest times of the year with January, but at the same time is one of the loveliest to visit New York. Of course, be prepared for snow and very cold. Temperatures and descended from 0°C and most of the month is negative.

The suitcase must we think outerwear mainly with gloves, scarves and snow boots. Beware of ice sheets that form in the soil and unseen, which is why we recommend special shoes.

Advantages of travel in December: Christmas in New York is simply spectacular and that is why it is one of the busiest months of the year.

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