The trend destinations for family travel this 2017

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Family vacations can go very well or very badly. Airbnb has conducted a survey among travelers family (parents with children under 18 years) to know what your preferences when traveling and the destinations they love. Sneaks in the ranking of the top destinations for a holiday with the family.

Family vacation

Airbnb survey shows how 43% of family travelers prefer to travel to a new destination each year, 45% lie preferred to mix old acquaintances with new destinations each year. That is, what to go every summer to the apartment to the beach is no longer trend. The survey revealed very unexpected data for family travelers in 2017: vacations are multi-generational since 34% travel with grandparents and 20% includes friends on their family vacations.

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As for their accommodation preferences, travelers expressed the need for large sites that can accommodate several people. Family vacations are planned by the parents (42%). They decide the destination and the activities they do there. Family vacations are no longer consist in being thrown all day on the beach. 79% of travelers prefer to participate in different activities with their children, such as cooking classes, cultural workshops … 78% of travelers believe that their children learn other cultures and are more independent when traveling.

When choosing a family holiday destination it is important to WiFi (76%), dining experiences (67%), swimming (64%) access. 40% also look for accommodation that includes a kitchen. Relatives travelers prefer to go on vacation to the beach or the coast (75%), but 59% say they prefer to visit destinations with cultural and historical points of interest and attractions. In fact, parents aged 35-44 say they prefer to travel to the latest destinations than to the beach (71%). Parents millennials (18 to 24) also prefer cultural destinations (56%).

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While family holidays are changing, some things remain the same. 72% say that their next vacation will be a road trip (the car is a must to travel with children). And 66% indicate that summer is still the preferred season for a family vacation.

Top destinations trend for a family holiday in 2017

The list of trends is based on the increase of arrivals recorded by Airbnb. Sneaks in the ranking with the city of Valencia, one of the rising family destinations in the world.

  1. Osaka, Japan
  2. Kyoto, Japan
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Malibu, California
  5. Reykjavik, Iceland
  6. Princeville, Kauai
  7. The Big Island, Hawaii
  8. Bordeaux, France
  9. Fortaleza, Brazil
  10. Honolulu, Hawaii
  11. Miami Florida
  12. Lyon, France
  13. Valencia Spain
  14. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  15. Anaheim, California

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