The Sanya Edition, the hotel which has its own private ocean

Sanya Edition
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Can you imagine sleeping in a hotel that has its own ocean? This is now possible thanks to a hotel called The Sanya Edition and opened less than two months ago. The Sanya is located in an exceptional tourist destination: Hainan Island, off the south coast of China. The hotel is inspired by the sea and has an incredible private ocean within the hotel.

Sanya Edition
Image Source: Google Image

The Sanya Edition is a different and unique hotel. It has a spectacular private ocean inside the hotel located next to two swimming pools. All hotel room (500) is horseshoe-shaped and overlooks the ocean. It also has 17 luxury villas that are located on a terraced hillside overlooking the sea, private pools, restaurants and pavilions.

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The hotel is surrounded by lush vegetation and private ocean has pictures 200000 meters and serves as a focal point for many of the activities taking place at the hotel. The water in this ocean is pumped from the South China Sea all day long and recycled once every 32 hours. The ocean, on the north coast, has a private beach of pristine white sand and surrounded by palm trees. It is designed to swim and enjoy the water. It also has a number of pools of various sizes that are situated around the ocean.

The restaurants are very important in this hotel. They have an exotic restaurant at the ocean level, a gourmet market, an outdoor restaurant for barbecues and a sky bar offering a variety of dining options throughout the day. Besides restaurants, also it has an entertaining area for children, a spa and a large fitness center next generation. What do you think of this hotel with ocean included?

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