The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY, for movie lovers

Queens Museum
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At the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY, you can do many activities can be up to manager. Is also the original Chewbacca mask!

About five years ago I visited the Museum of Cinema in Girona. It was an interesting museum and enjoyed seeing all the cameras and photos of years ago. So when we went to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, I thought it would be a similar experience but with American artifacts. Could not be more wrong. The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens is one of the most interesting museums I visited , almost level with the interactive museum of Science Park in Granada.

Queens Museum
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The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens is just around the corner from the Kauffman Astoria Studios where they were recorded as Sesame Street series, Law & Order, The Cosby Show or the first two movies of the Marx Brothers. Admission to the museum is quite affordable compared to other New York museums such as MoMA, and it only costs $12 per adult.

As we entered the lobby, we saw a whole wall full of televisions where various memes and gifs that have become viral on the Internet are displayed. Everyone queuing to enter the museum could enjoy gifs, which gave a preview what we would see in the museum .After leaving our coats in the cloakroom we climbed to the third floor to begin the visit.

When we went to the museum, they had an exhibition of the work of Jim Campbell and his innovative way of playing with light and dark in the video image. It was a very interesting exhibition because it made ​​us see how much you can make an artist as just playing with light in his camera.

We continue the visit and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the permanent collection with interactive installations. We made ​​a stop-motion film (with Rusko as the protagonist) . In fact it was circular with several computer screens and a camera positioned on the roof, where you only had to move some pictures of cardboard or even your own hand to slowly burn your movie a table. As a child I always liked the videos of stop-motion and it was fun to make with Rusko.

We also had the opportunity to record our voices to bend famous movie scenes . I recorded the part of Babe in a scene where he misses his mother. There were several options and could use such a funny or as serious as you want voice. Once you recorded you could hear the new version to see how good you are doubling voices. LOL!

In addition to these interactive exhibits, the museum has many items of cinema, including Chewbacca mask or the suit he wore to film Robin Williams Mork in the series of 70 “Mork and Mindy.” There is also an area with video games. We felt like kids again playing Pac-Man for the first time in years. It is a great to visit with the family museum, as there are many opportunities to participate and play.

A visit required for any lover of cinema and television. The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens even has a movie theater with tickets for the first to arrive , as well as a series of movies and live events, you can look at the museum website before your visit to take advantage of the programs offered. We recommended a visit to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens 5 anchovies. Lights Camera action!

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