The most impressive gardens in Japan

gardens in Japan
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Japanese traditional culture is taken creating gardens as an artistic expression. Hence, it is always so worked design and their care is impeccable. In Japanese gardens, we found several common elements such as the appearance of rocks around a water area or the use of very common plants in these lands such as bamboo or black pine Japanese, evergreen.

In addition to its successful aesthetic part, these gardens have different purposes for the passerby. Often they used as a place of disconnection from the madding crowd, although it is true that there are some designed to admire its variety and originality in terms of fauna and flora.

gardens in Japan
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The best Japanese gardens

Here are some of the most impressive Japanese gardens there are in Japan…

Gardens Kenrokuen (Kanazawa): It is a space that meets the 6 characteristics that according to Chinese theory has to have a garden to be perfect: space, seclusion, artificiality, antiquity, abundant water and extensive views. Hence, the name translates as ‘Garden of the six sublime things’. It is recommended to visit this place in spring, and so we can see the 63 types of flowers, plus cherry trees. Neither are the Karasaki (very characteristic of the place, the stone lantern Kotojitoro, the (the oldest in Japan) Funsui source, house Yugao-tei tea or suspension bridge ganko-bashi pines.

Koraku-en Garden (Okayama): Although its construction dates from s. XVII, it was not until the s. XIX that the gardens opened to the public. Among everything offered here, we can highlight the Enyo-tei House, the stage of Noh theater (enjoy different functions), Nishiki-ga-oka (here we find the teahouse Mosho-an, the sanctuary Shitenno- do and the sanctuary Jizo-do), Kayo no Ike pond or Yatsuhashi bridge between other areas. It is a large garden, perfect place to spend the day with family.

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Gardens Kairakuen (Mito): Undoubtedly, the most favorable months to visit these gardens are February and March, because so you can enjoy more than three thousand plum trees a hundred different varieties that bloom at this time. So important is the fact that they have to a festival, the ‘Mito Ume Matsuri’. However, there is only plums also find bamboo forests, cedar, cherry trees … and a traditional wooden house on three floors, the Kobuntei house, from which enjoy a panoramic view of the entire park.

Hamarikyu Gardens (Tokyo): Between skyscrapers asks its space this large park that shines in the days when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It is a place of passersby and visitors who want to enjoy the tea ceremony in the tea house Nakashima.

Meiji Shrine (Tokyo): This Shinto shrine is divided into two well-kept gardens: the main Naien and called the garden outside, Gaien. Here are also many cherry trees that create a landscape as idyllic.

These are some of the most beautiful gardens that we can find in Japan. However, there are thousands scattered throughout the country, without influence in international design.

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