The most colorful mountain in the world and the hiking trail of the moment

Colorful mountain
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Who sneaks to the viewpoints of Ausangate discover the thousand colors showing this unique mountain. A true gem geological gradually is getting more international visitors.

It is magnificent backdrop of one of the most desirable hiking trails in the world for its beauty and all this just 100 kilometers from Cuzco, Peru.

We talk about Ausangate, the fourth highest mountain in Peru with 6,372 meters above the sea level. Outcrops minerals (iron oxides, copper sulfates and others) come together to create an almost surreal image.

The Incas believed that this mountain and lakes that surround it, was born male energy that fertilizes the Pachamama, Mother Earth. And here are the sources of the Vilcanota River which flows into the Amazon.

The “Apu” Ausangate is then bearer of life and also the guardian of one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Its name means “copper” in Quechua and is still considered sacred mountain by local people. In fact, it is still one of the most important centers for the descendants of the Incas pilgrimage.

Colorful mountain
Image Source: Google Image

There lives the Community of Chillca consisting of llamas and alpacas shepherds who have inherited nearly 7,000 years of cultural traditions. And they begin to serve visitors and offer guided walks shepherds, and the possibility to share the daily life of working with flames.

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The hiking trail that encircles the mountain of Ausangate is a wonderful 4 – day trek that borders enormous glaciers and dozens of cordilleras lagoons, which can be done both independently and through an agency of Cuzco.

Those who want to practice climbing and reach the top, however, you will see that requires some experience and technical equipment. The normal route of ascent runs along the south side and is quite complex since it requires almost vertical ice climbing. Lately routes have been opened on all sides, all of them highly technical. To climb this mountain do not need a special permit.

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