The greenest cities in the world!

Greenest cities
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While we are used to hearing that everyone should contribute their part to help the environment, we must be aware that these actions are through details in day to day with which we can achieve a healthier environment.

Cities also apply ecological concepts, either, the use of renewable energy, public information campaigns for ecological or care, creating the habit of recycling.

That is why we thought it appropriate to share what are the greenest cities in the world!

Greenest cities
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Vancouver, Canada: The metropolitan area this destination, has more than 200 parks, contributing to these green areas to improve city air. In addition, 90% of the energy used to supply the city comes from renewable sources and the plan is that within a few years, the use of fossil fuels is eliminated. Added to this, the city has different guidelines to achieve green building covering various aspects. In turn, the government of Vancouver provides a wealth of information to the public, on how families can reduce the impact on the environment.

Malmo, Sweden: One of the many options for a more sustainable city is to invest in public transport and bicycles. This was the option selected to reduce environmental impacts in Malmo. The third largest city in Sweden does not suffer from any congestion. 70% of city waste is recycled, using renewable energy sources completely.

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Curitiba, Brazil: This beautiful destination is also known as the “Ecological Capital of Brazil” is the only city in the country that occupies a place on this list. The efficient public transport system is primarily responsible for this ecological place. It also has programs to conserve biodiversity and reforestation laws are applied correctly.

Portland, United States: Despite being one of the countries that pollute our planet, Portland seeking sustainable alternatives to make it a greener city. All city buildings are constructed with recycled materials and recently adopted a commitment to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Also, the city government set a limit on urbanization, avoiding endangering the green area surrounding the city.

Reykjavik, Iceland: This city complex pronunciation is the most sustainable city in the world, being a fantastic example for other cities. For more than 50 years, the city of Reykjavik daily strives to reduce the possible damage to the environment. All the energy of the city comes from completely renewable sources, estimating that within less than 40 years completely eliminate fossil fuel consumption.

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