The best beaches in Thailand

Beach in Thailand
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Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches, and many experts believe that has some of the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, in this blog, we invite you to discover the best beaches in Thailand and what you can do in them.

Railay Beach

It is a small peninsula with beaches on both sides is surrounded by cliffs, so only you can access it by boat. The trip really worth, since when arriving you will find turquoise waters, white sand and a relaxing atmosphere. Once here, you have to visit the Cueva del Diamante (Phra Nang Nai Cave), the Emerald Lagoon and the Cave of Princess (Phra Nang Cave). This beach is ideal for adventurers since you’ll be able to practice trekking and climbing.

Beach in Thailand
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Nai Harn Beach

It is a beach of great natural beauty, surrounded by green hills and tranquility. Of all the beaches in Thailand, this is one of the favorite local, as it is not exploited for tourism. White sand and clear waters, Nai Harn Beach has options to eat in the shade of palm trees, making you feel in a paradise. In addition, if you’re looking to relax, here you will have the great possibility to get massages on the beach. What more could you ask?

That’s it! Consider that there are only two hotels in Thailand that are in this area: the Royal Phuket Yacht Club and the All Seasons, so you will need to book your stay well in advance.

Maya Beach

This bay is surrounded by cliffs and clear waters reveal the most colorful coral reef that you can imagine. Do not forget your scuba or snorkel because there are exotic fish and a diverse marine life to discover! The place is so awesome even tours that bring visitors from Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi Don, so they can dive at this beach are made.

Notably Maya beach gained much popularity since the movie “the beach” was filmed, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, in 1999. This has inspired hundreds of tourists to make their trip to Thailand. Currently, Maya Beach receives thousands of visitors per day and often crowded with travelers, so we recommend booking your hotel in advance.

Phra Nang Beach

This is one of the most acclaimed beaches of Thailand. Many say that is among the top 10 beaches in the world. It is a 30 – minute boat ride from Ao Nang and is the ideal place to relax, no noise, no traffic, no pollution destination. It is ideal for swimming in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the sun site. In addition, Phra Nang Beach is popular for jumping from the cliffs that practice the more adventurous. If you are motivated you to join, no matter! Seeing them is already a show.

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Kata Noi Beach

This beach is ideal for swimming or snorkeling. Thanks to the calm waters and its transparency, you’ll be able to observe the wonderful marine life.

Do not forget your surfboard! Because during the monsoon season, ie from May to November, is one of the beaches most chosen by surfers of the whole region.

Bonus! Sunrise Beach

Also known as Hat Chao Ley, the name of Sunrise Beach he won because here you will see the sunrise as anywhere else. The only problem is that you have to get up early! Still worth it those who know say it is the best beach from which to admire this show, and great scenery to start your day. This is the best place in Koh Lipe for snorkeling and amazed with the beauty and variety of marine life in the region.

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