The best beaches in Natal

Best Beaches
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Are you going to travel to Brazil, but do not yet decided which party? In its more than 8 million km2, this country has it all. In this note the travel blog we invite you to the beaches of Natal’s safety pins and some trivia for you will be excited to visit them.

Ponta Negra Beach

It has 4 km long and is where most of the tourist activity is concentrated Natal. Besides sunbathing and swim in the crystal clear waters, you can visit the Morro do Careca. We recommend taking the kids to this tour as it is a huge dune sloping sand that flows directly into the sea, ideal for sandboarding and zip! A little further from the Park of the Dunes is an area protected and completely unspoilt, which you can find tranquility and contact with nature.

Best Beaches
Image Source: Google Image

Cotovelo Beach

It has calm waters and white sand. Its idyllic landscape is complemented with incredible dunes, rows of palm trees and rock formations of different colors. Is ideal for getting away from it all and enjoy the sound of the waves! Place also is very requested by families with small children as it is a very safe beach where they can play without worries. It has a good hotel infrastructure, so that when you book your hotel in Playa de Cotovelo you will not have trouble finding options that suit your taste and your economy.

Beach Maracajaú

If you already have your plane tickets to Natal, you have to include in your itinerary a visit to this beach. It is known as the Caribbean of Rio Grande do Norte, and is popular for its beautiful coral reefs and have the ideal conditions for diving. Here, you’ll astound with the diversity of marine life, highlighting fish, crustaceans and molluscs. For this reason, also attracts many fishing enthusiasts. 

Another attraction that you can not miss, is a visit to Ma-noa Maracajaú a water park includes slides, pools, bars, floating restaurants and other activities that ensure your fun.

Pipa Beach

It has 10 km of white sand beaches, warm water, palm trees and cliffs. This is the ideal place to swim, take a walk along the seashore, relax, sunbathe or do nothing! Surfers will find their place in downtown beaches, where the waves are bigger. While nature lovers can enjoy the deserted beaches Malembá or watch the dolphins, when there are highly tide in Lagoa Guaraíras or Madeiro Beach. If you travel to Pipa, we recommend renting a buggy to explore the region and move you from beach to beach.

Genipabu Beach

It is popular for its immense dune landscape, considered the biggest in Brazil and offer camel rides. If you always dreamed of a walk up of these animals, here you’ll have a great opportunity. In addition, the great mountains of sand are ideal for sandboarding and glide at high speed. 

In Genipabu Beach, sea water is warm and quiet, and offers perfect conditions for kayaking and jet skiing. Moreover, you find a freshwater lagoon ideal for giving you a good bath.

Forte Beach

There are 12 km of beach with crystal clear water and rich marine life that invite you to dive. Here, it is a great attraction for tourism in Brazil: the Castle of Garcia D’Avila. With its Portuguese military architecture, it became a monument of historical heritage, being the oldest stone structure. If you travel to Natal, you have to visit the Historical Park with its castle, chapel and exhibition center. 

Another good idea is to visit the national headquarters of the Tamar Project, which protects sea turtles. Travel be able to see different species of turtles in different stages of development; and other marine animals such as sharks, sea stars and stripes, among others.

Pirangi do Norte e do Sul

This beach is divided by the River Pirangi, so that you are able to visit the north and south you. The first is very popular with young people and teenagers will enjoy its lively nightlife. Here you will find bars, discos and live shows, where you can enjoy axé bands, rock and forró. 

Pirangi do Sul, meanwhile, it is just the opposite. Known as “Pirambúzios” for its proximity to Buziosis a quiet and little urbanized beach. Its waters are so crystal clear that you are able to appreciate coral reefs at a glance and many companies take you on a tour boat so you can dive or snorkel.

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