The 10 most beautiful cities in the United States

Beautiful Cities in the United States
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San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York City, Santa Barbara and Miami Beach have been chosen. A bunch of cities with very different-some charms for its skyline of skyscrapers, others for its colonial architecture, well known for their beaches or going all to a Hollywood movie – but all worthy of entering this ranking by the travel blogs, one of the most visited US.

1. San Francisco

It ranks first in the rankings and that says a lot for this irresistible city with the Golden Gate Bridge the most photographed icon.

2. San Diego

This city in southern California and very close to the border with Mexico is famous for its mild Mediterranean climate and its long beaches. But also a large modern metropolitan center and a thriving commercial port with a large naval base that combines big hotels, modern office buildings and the restored Gaslight District.

The 10 most beautiful cities in the United States2

3. Chicago

Its name evokes images in black and white gangster, but the third most populous city in the United States is, above all, a vibrant, modern city with a skyline topped by towering skyscrapers, besides the culinary best kept secret in the country, it has until his own Michelin Guide.

4. Las Vegas

It is impossible not to imagine part of a Hollywood movie on so excessive and stunning as this city of concrete decorated, which is also the lights and play, an oasis of wildness in the middle of nowhere to get lost at least once in life.

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5. Seattle

The Space Needle (Space Needle) Seattle Center is not only the symbol of the city, its 184 meters high also can admire the best view of the state of Washinghton and lakes and mountains that surround largest city. His name is linked inevitably to grunge music, because here originate some of the most influential bands of the genre in the early nineties, like Nirvana or Pearl Jam.

6. Washington DC

The Capitol, the White House, the monolith Washington Memorial, the Lincoln, the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery … are countless images that we all have in the capital of the United States, either in film or television. The visit is easy because most of its attractions are concentrated around the incredibly huge large meadow called National Mall.

7. Los Angeles

Famous as a haven for more than 300 museums, 75 kilometers of coastline, its nightlife or being a paradise of good weather, the city is an irresistible destination.

The 10 most beautiful cities in the United States3

8. New York City

Elegant, transgressive, giant, close, multiracial. The city that never sleeps has on the Brooklyn Bridge your great symbol, which can be covered on foot, watching southern Manhattan from an unbeatable perspective.

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9. Santa Barbara

At the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara is known as the Riviera of California. Its architecture with large reminiscent of the colonial style and its idyllic beach with palm trees offer his most famous print.

10. Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an amazing cocktail of luxury, glamor and Latin accent. In addition, the American Riviera is at its best, just celebrated its first hundred years. People come here to see its unique islands with mansions stopping, its skyscrapers and enjoy the sun and fun on the beaches of Ocean Drive.

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