The 10 main cities of Brazil

Cities of Brazil

A wonderful multi-faceted South American country, made up of different cultures and traditions that weave from north to south, creating a mix of unique landscape beauty. A giant carioca party where emotions never end. From lush forests to expanses of white beaches and crystal clear sea, to an exceptional concentration of art, history and culture among museums, historic buildings and modern architectural creations. This is Brazil, and these, the ten best cities to visit absolutely.

1 – Rio de Janeiro

One of the largest cities in Brazil and the world with around 6 million inhabitants. It is located in a land of mountains, hills, lush forests and long sandy beaches. The hinterland of the metropolis, characterized by modern skyscrapers and crumbling neighborhoods called favelas, draw a city full of contradictions but that make it unique in the world.

A destination suitable for everyone, both young and families, not to be visited without due precautions because of the crime present in some areas of the city. Do not miss the Sugar Loaf, the Cristo Redentor with the Corcovado, the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, Lapa and Santa Teresa, the favela of Rocinha, theTijuca National Park and much more. Rio is a 360 ° experience with the special carioca experiences of samba, carnival and football.

2 – São Paulo (São Paulo)

San Paolo, with its 11 million inhabitants, is one of the largest cities in the world. Located south of Brazil, on the highlands of Serra do Mar, it has a mainly hilly territory. A city with a highly developed tourism thanks to the presence of a beautiful historic center and lots of culture and entertainment. Sanpa, his nickname, is considered the capital of Latin American gastronomy with international restaurants, also famous for the famous Brazilian pizza.

The city also offers a lively nightlife. Most visits are made benches for reasons related to work and business, being a well-known and important financial center. Don’t miss the Catedral da Sè, the Marco Zero center, the Parque Ibirapuera and the São Paulo Museum of Art.

3 – Salvador (São Salvador de Bahia de Todos os Santos)

Salvador, the first Brazilian capital and the first access port of the new world, today the capital of the state of Bahia , is located in the northeast of Brazil and, with its 3 million inhabitants, is one of the most populated cities in the country. Influenced by the Afro-Brazilian culture, Salvador, characterized by folklore and a purely colonial style, is a city laced with summer, given its tropical climate with high temperatures all year round.

Among its narrow streets and colorful buildings, you will be delighted by its colonial architecture, a peculiar feature that has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also admire the Baroque architecture found in many palaces, churches and historic houses. Where to relax and have fun 365 days a year. A holiday that suits everyone!

4 – Fortaleza

Fortaleza is located in the north-eastern part of Brazil, on the Atlantic Ocean. It has almost 3 million inhabitants. A coastal city with beautiful beaches that make it a perfect destination to relax and have fun with friends. Among the most beautiful beaches we find Praia do Futuro and Praia Porto das Dunas, where is the Beach Park, a tourist complex with the largest water park in South America.

Between a swim and great food based on lobsters, oysters and carangueyos, a typical crab-based dish, there is also time to get rich in culture and art. In fact, Fortaleza is a city rich in history with museums, cultural centers and churches, such as the Dragão do Mar, the Cearense Culture Museumand the Museum of Contemporary Art.

5 – Curitiba

Curitiba is the capital of the State of Paranà, in southern Brazil, near the border with Paragauay and Argentina. It counts about 1.5 million inhabitants and enjoys a less warm climate than the other cities mentioned above, due to high altitude (about 900 meters).

The city is divided into two parts, the Setor Historico, a colonial-style tourist area with historic houses and museums, and a more industrialized and modern part with skyscrapers and large parks and botanical gardens.

It is a city that has always been committed to protecting the environment: in 1970, in fact, the first pedestrian island in the world was built and today it is among the richest and most developed urban realities in Brazil. A suitable destination for the whole family.

6 – Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is the capital of the State of Mina Gerais, in central-southern Brazil. It has over 2 million inhabitants. The city is characterized by a much more classical Brazilian style than in cities like Rio and São Paulo. Belo Horizonte is presented as a destination rich in culture thanks to the presence of museums and historical churches.

Its name derives from the desire to conceive it as a garden city with wonderful views of the mountains that surround it. Belô or Beagá, as it is nicknamed, is a city characterized by modern architecture, shopping, lively nightlife and gastronomic tradition. Do not miss the Pampulha artificial lake and the church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. A holiday that suits everyone!

7 – Natal

Natal, capital of the State of Rio Grande del Nord, is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil thanks to its enchanting postcard landscapes. It has more than 800 thousand inhabitants. Renamed coastal resort, with over 10 km of sandy beaches, it will bring to your holiday a mix of relaxation and unique entertainment. Not for nothing is considered the “City of the Sun”. Between seaside tourism and fun-filled nightlife, there is also space for a bit of art and culture, especially in the city center, characterized by a wonderful cathedral and historic buildings and buildings. A vacation to live fully thanks to its high security; Natal was in fact proclaimed by the IPEA, the safest capital of the state. Element definitely not to be underestimated for a family vacation!

8 – Florianopolis

Florianòpolis, capital of the State of Santa Caterina, is located in the eastern part of Brazil and is therefore bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. There are almost 500 thousand inhabitants. It is a destination where ancient and modern are intertwined, a simple city with enchanting beaches, even semi-desert, and other natural beauties. The symbol of Florianòpolis is the famous Hercílio Luz Bridge, Heritage Artistic History of the city. Between a walk in the historic center, a visit to the archaeological site, there is always time for some nightlife in the clubs around the city. A trip suitable especially for those who want relaxation, tranquility and a lot of sea.

9 – Brasilia

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil since 1960, one of the richest and most modern cities in all of Brazil. It is located in the Federal District within the State of Goias, on a mountainous plateau at about 1,000 meters above sea level. There are almost 3 million inhabitants. The town’s pinata was designed by the architect Lucio Costa. Brasilia is home to the Brazilian power center, the Parliament and all the other ministries that govern the country, many of them built by the architect Oscar Niemeyer. It is an unmissable tourist destination, with numerous attractions such as museums, art galleries, monuments and world-famous architectural works. Brasilia is a famous destination also for its excellent cuisine; in fact there are numerous restaurants with incredibly varied cultural influences. An unmissable destination for the whole family.

10 – Maceiò

Maceiò is the head of the State of Alagoas in the north east of Brazil. It has over 900 thousand inhabitants. A city with a warm climate that make it one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations for a holiday of total relaxation. Beaches with stretches of sand and crystal clear sea, art, culture and nightlife: what more could you want? There will also be time for some shopping, in fact Maceiò is known as a town of craftsmanship thanks to the creation of typical products sold in the most important squares, markets and fairs. The most characteristic shops are in Pavilhao do Artesanato, the Feirinha de Pajuçara and the Bairro Pontal da Barra. A holiday suitable for both young people and families with children.

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