Take afternoon tea in a castle in Edinburgh

Travel to Edinburgh Castle
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The “afternoon tea” is a deeply rooted in British culture and there are many places to take it, but if not we will all weekends is a good idea to make a special ceremony, almost luxury, where you can enjoy tea five in the afternoon with calm and in a unique environment.   What is it and how you take afternoon tea the “afternoon tea” is not only a tea that is taken in the afternoon, it’s a meal, tea and a ritual that has become a tradition in the UK for many years.

Travel to Edinburgh Castle
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The small meal or snack consisting of a large tower with 3 trays where they are deposited in a very orderly way the snacks we go eating in order. In the tray at the base are salty foods such as grilled cheese, vegetables or other varieties. In the second there is usually a small pot of jam; butter and other scones (an inescapable and irresistible sweet muffin) last tray are the sweetest delights such as a small piece of cake muffins, thumbnails or Macaroni even to give a French twist.

The dishes can be accompanied by tea or coffee and although some prefer the second option to view the tradition that is almost sacrilegious, but would be called “afternoon coffee”. In some places they allow us to choose the type of tea you want, in others they are very traditional and served black tea.

It is not a quick meal. You start tasting the snacks from the bottom up in the tower, accompanied by tea and all framed in a long conversation that sometimes need a second serving of tea.

Where take afternoon tea in Edinburgh

For me there are three places worth taking afternoon tea in Edinburgh. By his knowledge of tea and because they have the largest variety of teas that I’ve seen in my life recommend Eteaket that also is very central. For luxury although it may be a bit pricier I recommend the Balmoral hotel, a lovely and classic Scottish capital site. And third and perhaps one of my favorite take it in Melville Castle, a medieval castle on the outskirts of the city.

Melville was just a tower back in the fourteenth century when it was built, but at the end of 1700 decided to expand the building coming to build the mansion that now serves as a hotel, restaurant and a favorite for couples sites to celebrate their wedding. The beauty of the site has changed; say those who know the history of the place, for better and today it can be seen.

Upon entering through the front door we find a hall with a fireplace and through a second entrance with a large hall we stand where the hanging ceiling lights, the grand staircase leading to the upper rooms and furnishings and finishes a longstanding and carefully preserved wood.

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