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As we have told you in one of our post, renowned major firms move all its luxury and sophistication to wonderful resorts, ideal for a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Today we are going to tell what those famous brands to tempt you on your next vacation!

– Giorgio Armani: The first hotel was opened for signature no less than in Dubai. This has 9 floors of the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. It is estimated that within the next few years, will expand complexes in major cities of fashion.

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– Christian Lacroix: It is another of the famous brands that have decided to plunge into the hotel business.

The firm decorated several rooms with 2 sophisticated hotels in Paris Du Petit Moulin and Bellechasse. Characterized by high fashion and originality, will sleep in one of them will become an unforgettable experience for anyone who decides to stay there. Meet this wonderful hotel booking your accommodation here.

– Ralph Lauren: This successful designer opened the Round Hill Jamaica. This paradise has more than 120 rooms in different categories covering any kind of expectation. With a wonderful sea view, the brand sealed the resort with all the luxury that characterizes it.

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– Salvatore Ferragamo: These renowned and historical designer shoes, shoes that has stars like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe, “saw” a wide hotel network in Italy. Who is in charge of it, it is his son, who decided to forward the legacy of his father in wonderful rooms decorated with vintage and unique style that is recognized worldwide.

– Versace: Glamour, luxury and sophistication are some of the words that describe the complex. Palazzo Versace is the clear image of the brand, located in Australia the luxurious hotel provides a private beach and more than 200 rooms fitted with all the elegance, texture and color that only brand can achieve.

Do not wait, find the best deals and meet the wonderful options that these destinations offer you!

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