Strasbourg, for a weekend getaway

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From planted at noon at the Astronomical Clock cathedral, stroll through the Petit France, more scenic your neighborhood, or sit in ‘winstubs’ to taste the local specialties.Here are some things you should not miss in this city of Alsace.

A VISIT TO ITS ESSENTIAL Notre Dame is a Gothic masterpiece, but retains its Romanesque crypt, and striking her needle “a marvel of grandeur and delicacy,” as Victor Hugo said, 142 meters high. If outside, the facade is the largest picture book of the Middle Ages, stand inside its windows of the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, although its astronomical clock of Renaissance that every day, at 12.30 calls all those who do not want to miss the parade of the Apostles.

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A WALK IN THE PETITE FRANCE is the most picturesque district of old Strasbourg. Formerly fishermen, millers and tanners lived and worked in this neighborhood built at water level. Its magnificent half-timbered houses dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Their sloping roofs open out onto lofts where hides were once dried.

Adjacent to the cathedral to do stop in this house of the fifteenth century, with three floors and an attic cantilevered three levels. And you have to stop to contemplate the rich decoration of the facade, with secular and sacred motifs inspired by the Bible, Greco-Roman antiquity and the Middle Ages. Inside the building, you can admire the magnificent wall paintings of Leo Schnug, 1905.

Strasbourg is, alongside New York and Geneva, the only cities in the world that are home to international institutions without being national capitals. To immerse yourself in a European bathroom nothing like knowing the contemporary buildings that house them: the European Parliament, the Palace of Human Rights, the Council of Europe and Lieu d’Europe.

Sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, flamed tart, spaetzle, foie gras … traditional specialties taste particularly in winstubs, those typical taverns where reigns a warm and friendly atmosphere. Is preferably accompanied by beer, that something Alsatian brewers have their own corporation since 1268! and it is in this region where more than half the beer consumed in France is produced.

Strasbourg also has its Galeries Lafayette, and propose an unprecedented visit, a tour discovering the history of these department stores, where they are telling along its plants anecdotes about his monumental staircase, its marble fountain, facade … to delve into the secrets of the store. To book, go through Welcome Desk in Kléber entada downstairs.

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If an unpublished panorama of Strasbourg which is viewed from the roof of the cathedral, even if it means to walk up the 332 steps of the spiral staircase leading to the top.Beyond the rooftops of the city, if the weather is clear the view can reach the Vosges Mountains and Germany’s Black Forest.


We tell you the best places in the historical center, in the district of Petit France and located in a mill of the sixteenth century, the Regent Petite France & Spa hotel. Also in La Cour du Corbeau, in the heart of the city.

Do not miss these sites gourmet Typical winstub, or not of the best known in town is Chez Yvonne and the medieval restaurant Maison Kammerzell, traditional cuisine and next to the cathedral. And of course, the windows of the ‘pastiseries’ Alsace.

The best time to travel there spring or summer with mild temperatures. In winter it is awesome with the Christmas markets.

Companies that take you Air France has daily flights from other airports. Cheaper if made ​​with scale, although Iberia flies direct to the city in 2h. 20 ‘approx.

Distance from the airport to the city
The airport is about 14 km from the center of the city, in the town of Entzheim. The best way to get around the center of the city after the shuttle train is leaving you at the station in Strasbourg in just 9 minutes and leave about 4 trains an hour.

Helpful hints for traveling there
-Buy local wine from Alsace, the country’s best 
-Book time for a second visit at Christmas when markets flood the old town. 
‘The tram is the best way to get around town and it is a perfect city for cycling because it has the largest bike path in France. 
– Take off the Strasburg pass. €18.90 per adult and €9.45 to €12.45 for young people, the Strasbourg Pass allows 3 consecutive days as you wish to move around the city.

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