Some tips for not spending money at the airport

at the airport

The day of departure has finally arrived! You have certainly spent a lot of money on your airfare and have carefully established your holiday budget, which is not

Not extensible! Before going on an adventure, the last step awaits you: the airport! In fact, waiting at an airport is often an opportunity to spend a lot more money than expected. Here are some tips for you to outsmart the expense items and (almost) not spend money at the airport.

We explain here few tricks for not spending money at the airport


Even before you set foot in the airport, transportation to get there is already a big expense. As far as possible, avoid the taxi and choose public transport or even better, get dropped off by an understanding friend.

In New York, to get to the airport JFK a taxi can ask for up to $ 70 while metro/bus it would have cost you only $ 10. If your plane takes off very early in the morning, rather than opting for the expensive hotel solution, you can go to the terminal the day before and accommodate yourself to sleep at the airport and spend the best time, a night on a bench. Continue reading: How to prepare a business trip


When packing your suitcases, check with the airline for the correct weight and size of the baggage you intend to take with you. If your trip includes a stopover, consider looking at the criteria of all airlines that you will borrow, the rules are sometimes different!

at the airportIt is always infuriating to have to pay extra baggage for a few pounds you might have spent, or for a cabin bag that exceeds the regulatory size of a few centimeters. If, however, an extra suitcase proves essential, be aware that its registration on the airline’s website will allow you to save on the tariff offered at the boarding office. It is also important to pay close attention to the contents of your hand luggage, in order to make the transition to security as simple as possible. For more tips, check out our airport survival guide!


It is strongly discouraged to change money at the airport because the exchange rate is really excessive. It is better to change in advance by checking the rate that we can offer. On the other hand, you must look at your bank beforehand, what are the cash withdrawal conditions in the country in which you are going (fees and maximum withdrawal amount). Often, it is the most economical solution to manage your money on a trip.


The big trap of the airport concerns food and drinks. How can you avoid going to a cafe or restaurant when you have to wait for hours? The best solution is to bring your own food. A good home-made sandwich will often be better than what you can get at a coffee shop and will not come back at the same price. You can also bring dry fruits and cereal bars, always recommended to fool hunger and boredom.

at the airportRegarding the drink, it is recommended to bring with you a bottle of water or an empty bottle, which you can fill with the tap once the safety passed. However, if you feel the need to drink a little alcohol to relax, the most cost-effective solution is to buy one (or more) mignonette at the duty-free shop rather than eat at a coffee shop. Moreover, the duty-free shop offers good prices for alcohol and tobacco, but everything else is usually quite expensive.


If there is a place where the wifi should be free, it is in an international airport! And yet, this is not always the case. Sometimes the first hour connected can be free, but it is common to see a connection time billed 5 dollars. Faced with this, two solutions: either there is a cafe where the connection is free, or you settle as close as possible to the VIP lounge hoping that the connection works. If the Internet is bad and you have long hours to kill, consider preparing beforehand some movies or series to watch on your computer without internet connection.


Buying souvenirs at the airport is not a good idea. You will find memories not always very authentic, and especially at still prohibitive prices. Of course, if you have forgotten your little niece to whom you promised to bring a souvenir, this is your last chance to correct your omission.

at the airportAnother small accessory to buy upstream: a pair of headphones! On some flights, they are paid, and it would be a shame to miss the film library proposed on the flight.

Finally, a good novel is the best way to avoid spending time and avoiding all the temptations that will make you spend money.

A little last for the road …

If you have time to kill before takeoff, this may be the time for the last check: do you have your passport, your visa …. and your travel insurance? To go quiet, we strongly advise you to take out a travel insurance!

You will no longer have any questions to ask in case of medical expenses or even hospitalization or repatriation. A few hours or even minutes before your flight, this is the last opportunity you have to subscribe to the big departure! At ACS, the subscription is done online in 5 minutes, and you automatically receive your insurance certificate by email, so there is still time.

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Have a nice trip!

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