Know the leading smart cities in the world

Smart Cities in the world

We are talking about smart cities in the world. Now cities around the world are evolving without stopping since more than 50% of the population lives in urban areas and it is estimated that in the next three decades that figure will increase to 70%. It is for the aforementioned, that cities must face the new challenges that are presented to them and manage to evolve, this is where the concept of ” smart cities ” is born, which refers to a metropolis that is not only technologically advanced, safer, more efficient and connected places, better governed and less polluting.

The leading smart cities in the world

The smart cities encompass many more concepts and levels and that is why in this article we will review what the smart cities in the world are and how they have come to be. In addition, we will see what their future plans are and how they plan to carry them out.

Currently, there are three cities that lead the evolution towards this new style of the city and they are neither more nor less than Paris, London and New York. Besides being three major economic, social, political and cultural centers of reference in their respective countries, they are also global cities, but it is not all gold that shines since in order to become fully efficient smart cities they must solve many weak points.

New York

We will start talking about New York, given that it is crowned as the leader in this new wave. This city has a network of data intercommunication between all public services that greatly facilitates access to data. On the other hand, the private sector also needs a simple way to be communicated, which implies truly open access for all companies that are dedicated to the creation of smart cities in the world.

Smart Cities in the world


We have London In the 2nd position. London is the largest metropolis in Europe, which entails certain problems related to public services (transport, health, education, etc.), or traffic since both are congested by more than 20 million of inhabitants of this great city. His plan to become a smart city has been to bet on the technological innovation with which they seek to find solutions for all these problems. Now the city has developed a digital platform to meet all those needs.

Smart Cities in the world


Finally, we will talk about Paris, which has wanted to take a completely different direction to the smart cities in the world that we have already mentioned, given that they are committed to sustainability goals set internationally. The French capital has very ambitious future projects regarding the environment, but the reason why it is in the ranking of the 3 best smart cities is because of the data flow that has been made available to the inhabitants, which entails a faster and more efficient response from all sectors of the population.

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