Sleep Cheap In London: Central and Economic zones

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There is no other way to say it: London is an expensive city. We all know that if we go to London, it is best to equip us with a good budget, it is a proportionally expensive city to the wonderful and vibrant it is. We also know that much of the spending we can go into the housing, it is a bit difficult to get cheap stay in the English capital. However, we have refined our search tools all as central areas, where you do not have to spend so much money on transportation and what we have achieved!

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Here it is: the final list of the 10 cheapest places to sleep in London.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 1: Kensington

Kensington is a fairly large geographic just west of central London district. Although this is a relatively affluent neighborhood, the accommodations in the area are the cheapest sleeping in London.

The best thing about this location is that you are to stay very close to the main attractions that London has to offer such as the Museum of Natural History, Holland Park, Royal Albert Hall, among others.

There are several sub-districts within this zone. The areas closer to the center, tend to be the most luxurious and the most expensive, so it’s important to stay southwest if you want to save. Gloucester Road, South Kensington and other sub-districts in Kensington High Street is where you’ll find a number of cheap hotel accommodations.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 2: Paddington

The whole area surrounding the station Paddington is full of cheap accommodation options British style Bed and Breakfast. Most of these inns that are near the station are just south, around Norfolk Square and along Sussex Gardens.

Paddington is a great location in central London but without the high prices of Oxford Street, which is also only 10 minutes walking. Also many subway lines pass through Paddington, so you can quickly go to most places in central London in 20 minutes.

As a bonus, Paddington Station has the most efficient transfer to Heathrow Airport via the Heathrow Express train and Heathrow Connect.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 3: Bayswater

Bayswater on the northern border of Hyde Park, is known to house as many district cheap hotels in central London.

In Bayswater find Queensway, the main shopping street in the area where there are two metro stations, so the issue will transport you can take a check. Here are a wide variety of cheap accommodation, cheap eats, supermarkets and laundries for travelers to those with savings as a lifestyle. Sleep cheap in London is possible.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 4: Victoria

Another area with many options Bed and Breakfast. Most of these you can find them close to Victoria Station and almost all buildings and are very typical Victorian or Georgian town houses. Cheaper hotels can be quite basic and not very private, as you can imagine, but they are cheaper than what you’ll find in the very center of London.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 5: Earls Court

Earls Court is a very good place to stay if on a tight budget accounts. Another advantage is that all the hotels in Earls Court are only a few minutes’ walk from the subway station. Earls Court is a very safe place to stay, the streets are clean and the neighborhood is pretty smart for a district budget accommodation.

Around Earls Court there are a variety of bars, restaurants and tailored to travelers on a budget and large supermarket chains such as Tesco and Sainsbury which open 24 hours service.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 6: Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most exclusive areas of London. Since it was just a small village on the banks of the River Thames has been the site of the British monarchy and where now millionaires and celebrities choose to live and spend their leisure time. It is a charming neighborhood with nineteenth-century architecture and also has many options where to invest your time, from antiques markets to art galleries. But do not be fooled by the luxury that exudes Chelsea, You can also find cheap accommodation.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 7: Lambeth

If you stay in this area of London you will sleep on the banks of the River Thames. Lambeth area starts at the bridge of the same name, includes South Bank and follows the river north to the OXO Tower. Much of the architecture in Lambeth is modern and striking, with attractions such as the Royal Festival Hall, London Eye, the National Theatre and Hayward Gallery.

Also in this area will see a number of historic buildings such as the Palace and Lambeth County Hall, as well as several popular theaters, galleries and beautiful gardens. One of the best views of the Palace of Westminster can be seen from the wooded shore below the south side of the river.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 8: Shoreditch

What Shoreditch accounted for 60 70y 80 as an area of high crime and almost no aesthetic value only served as a breeding ground for it is now one of the most neighborhoods coolLondon. In the 90 Shoreditch began cleaning its bad reputation, when artists such as Damien Hirst and creative from around the world moved to the area because of its low rents. Today it is a super area trendy and where you’ll be at the epicenter of the arts scene in the city for reasonable price.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 9: Hackney

Hackney is very close to Shoreditch and also shares his dark past. Today, Hackney is a very diverse and multicultural neighborhood that has undergone a massive renovation in recent decades. Previously it was known as an area with many social problems and a high crime rate, but those problems have been in the past, as Hackney is now a really interesting neighborhood with a thriving arts scene and where you can get cheap accommodation in an area that not wasted.

Sleep Cheap In London – Option 10: Stratford

Stratford, east London, is home to the Olympic Park, where you find a lot of art shops and the largest urban shopping center in Europe, Westfield Stratford City (which is so great that even has a code own) postcard. If you’re a sports fan or if you want to immerse yourself in the world of shopping, Stratford is the ideal place to spend your holiday in London. Here you can also find cheap hotels and excellent transportation system with subways and buses with which you can connect to any part of the city in 30 minutes.

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