Seven ways to get to Scotland leaving London

Travel to Scotland
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It is funny how it seems that London is very close to our country and yet a trip to Scotland, though attracts us a great deal, it seems a very complicated or more distant destination. However, there are many ways to get to Scotland starting in London and I am going to count seven of them in case you come in handy when planning a trip to this area of the UK.

In addition, we could go directly from our country to any of the Scottish airports, but today I tell you how to access Scotland, as an extension from London, a destination that we often for their great communication with our airports.

1- From London to Scotland, you can go by plane

Both EasyJet and British Airways have daily flights connecting the airports of Gatwick, Luton, City, Stansted or Heathrow bound for the Scottish cities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness or Edinburgh. Just check their schedules and find the flight that suits our schedules and days off in London to stand in Scotland in about two hours.

The prices are around 40 pounds each way, hiring and forth, so it may be a good choice for a tour of a couple of days and not be eager to visit one of the most beautiful areas of the Great Brittany.

2- From London to Scotland, you can also drive

The experience of driving on the left can be worrying when you have not experienced, but I assure you that after an hour at the wheel will seem the most natural driving on this side and you can make overtaking lane changes and take the roundabouts without difficulty.

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You can rent a car or have gone with yours through the Eurotunnel, but I recommend the first option because driving on the left with a vehicle with the steering wheel on the left is much more difficult than with a local car.

To get to Scotland from London by car, just go north, and have patience because from London to Glasgow or Edinburgh, you will need approximately 7 hours, respecting the speed limits.

3- From London to Scotland train better

Traveling by train is a great way to travel, taking time to read, write or work and enjoying the scenery without the risk of being distracted. Get to Glasgow or Edinburgh from London King’s Cross will not cost more than 40 pounds in about 4 hours and will be enjoying the hospitality of the Scottish.

There are also many opportunities to travel to other parts of Scotland, direct from London or once in major cities, thanks to the railway network in the UK. Tip: If you plan to make several trips by train or going to spend some time, you may be interested in the BritRail Pass.

Travel to Scotland
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4- Take the car bed to get to Scotland from London

If you want to get to the Highlands, a trip by car or plane can be long and one of the best possibilities offered by the rail network is making a luxury trip in a sleeper, taking advantage of the night to travel.

It is a thirteen-hour journey from London to Fort Williams, including dinner, wine and a romantic and full of vintage charm environment. Traveling with network Caledonian Sleeper, it can be a good option for reaching the Highlands, but also have the ability to reach Edinburgh or Glasgow.

5- The bus is the cheapest option to get to Scotland from London

You can go by bus from Victoria station in London and get to Edinburgh or Glasgow in about eight hours by National Bus Company or bus.

If you want to go straight from the airport, National Express has a pass that takes you to all parts of Scotland, including the island of Lewis.

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6- From London to Scotland Cycling

It may seem a lot, since the distance to Scotland from London is 648 kilometers, but if you plan a route and do it in five or sies days, with periods of about one hundred kilometers, reach Scotland bicycle can be quite an experience. During your journey, you will enjoy the sight of beautiful castles and landscapes that will help you overcome the hardness of the way.

However, the savings compared to travel by bus you will be in accommodation as up to Scotland cannot camp freely. (Once in Scotland you will spend the night with tent almost anywhere)

7- Virtually Visit Scotland from our blog

Many have written articles about Edinburgh, the Highlands, Loch Ness and tips to have more chances to see Nessie, and Inverness, Glasgow and other places like Ben Nevis, the highest mountain and its path trails.

Recalls that at least here in Traveler’s Journal, you close this fascinating part of the UK. If you want to go soon, Scotland is closer than it appears , at least these seven ways to discover, can reach much sooner than you thought if you go from London.

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