Russia publishes a label guide for its most curious tourists

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When you go to visit a country, there are always recommendations to follow, whether it comes from the local authorities or those from your country of origin. In relation to this Russia has just published a guide of etiquette for its own tourists that is, at least, the most curious. It goes beyond if you do not go to this neighborhood or do this. Clear and concise advice and peculiar.

I repeat it if it is not clear, the guide is for Russian citizens who visit other countries, not for tourists who are going to know that country, rather rules of etiquette and behavior of things that are the order of the day in Russia and that are very Bad views beyond its borders.

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The guide is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are “General Elements of Behavior” to avoid unpleasant incidents when Russian citizens are visiting in certain countries. Let’s say it is to provide them with a knowledge of things that seem basic and common sense to us in almost any place but the same for them not.

  • For the visits to Spain are warned that “The public expression of negative attitudes towards people of non-traditional sexual orientations will not find understanding, therefore, they should refrain from doing so”
  • For visits to France have to take into account that “should not address representatives of the LGTB community with gestures or offensive words”.
  • Very curious is the recommendation for visits to Holland: nothing to ask you about your Royal Family. Of course he leaves me pampanita.

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  • Let’s go on time to Denmark, and there they must keep distance, avoiding personal issues, purchasing, work and religion. Come on, better than there if you’re Russian, talk about the weather.
  • If you are Russian and you go to Sweden, and you get on a bus, take care of respecting the personal space: it is usual not to sit directly next to another passenger if there are free places.
  • If the visitors are especially sensitive they are almost not going to visit Greece, because they are going to find that the nationals of that country are very foul-mouthed and do nothing but swear.
  • North Korea. Here I guess the recommendations are not just for Russians: if you take a picture in a room where there are photos of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il have to be centered in the photo.
  • In Mongolia it is bad taste to shout and get drunk on the street and in rural areas it is bad to enter with a tool inside a yurt.
  • Watch what you do with your fingers in Guinea-Bissau or Kenya. In the first a thumb up is not positive, but offensive and in the second, pointing to someone in the middle of a conversation ends in aggression.
  • They are strongly warned that same-sex marriage is legal in Canada and there is a great struggle for gender equality.

And this is only to start, although as I said this is advised to the Russians but we can all take note and it is quite common for many countries to edit these guides, such as behavioral recommendations of Chinese citizens, who are reminded that Do not stick your finger in the nose in public or gouge your teeth.

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