Romantic plans in New York

New York
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New York is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world, some even dare say that is magical and undoubtedly romantic. Think about it, what better city to celebrate the most anticipated time of the year with the person more You love the Big Apple ?

That’s why we say here what the 13 plannes more romantic to live the December holidays to the maximum in the city that never sleeps. Be prepared to give a big bite at Big Apple.

New York
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13. Skating at Rockefeller Center 

The plann to start this perfect Christmas dream of love is certainly no favorite of many, including me.Take the hand of your partner and Be adventurous in the ice rink of Rockefeller Center for an appointment straight out of a romantic comedy. Take advantage of all the time under one of the Christmas trees most iconic city with over 80 years of history. Remember you can book your visit in advance to spare the long lines.

12. Riding a bike through Central Park

Central Park is the largest park in the city and the ideal place for a romantic rendezvous between the snow . Together to pedal along the paths of the park and discover the secrets of this jewel of Manhattan with this guided tour. Then look for the perfect tree under which take blankets picnic and hot chocolate to curl up and see the skyline of the city.

11. Lighting Rockefeller Christmas Tree and see the Christmas decorations

Christmas is the time where everyone look, including the shops with their beautiful windows where spare no expense in decorating, as the famous Christmas window of Macy’s.  Enjoy walking hand in hand with your partner through the streets Yorkers and indulge yourself in the Christmas spirit. Delight your senses listening to carols, smelling the pine, apple and cinnamon with Christmas one of the stages of the world. To finish your walk lights, come to Rockefeller Center to see the most famous of the city lit tree.

10. Eat dessert in Little Italy

One of the greatest pleasures in life is eating, and among the most famous Italian cuisines in the world is. Therefore uses the excuse that it is December to eat all the dessert they can in Little Italy, especially the cannoli!

9. Walking around the neighborhood of Dyker Heights

There is a neighborhood that leaves more clear that it is Christmas that Dyker Heights. In your visit to Brooklyn you can not miss this show where the houses are lit and the decor makes you feel in the town of Santa Claus in the middle of the North Pole.

8. Dinner with wine in a steak house

To quote a little more luxurious, this steak dinner and wine is ideal to stoke the fire in their hearts in this cold season. You do not worry about anything for a limo you look at your hotel, and even thetip is included. Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse used to be speakeasy that could only be accessed if you input the correct password pronunciabas: ‘Frankie’. Dare to experience a delicious dinner at New York style.

7. To cycle through the Brooklyn Bridge

No matter what kind of partner they are, this plann is perfect for everyone. Enjoy this tour that will take you to the best of Brooklyn. You can see the skyline of the city lit by Christmas lights, see the bridge near snowy, make the best pictures with your partner and visit the market craft Dumbo. At the end of the tour, the fun continues, as the income Bike lasts all day so you can enjoy the city at your own air.

6. Visit the Christmas markets

One of the best activities and local practice each year is to visit the Christmas markets which appear in the streets of New York during the month of December. They are great for finding the perfect gift,delicious to eat and watch the best decorations. Among the best are Columbus Circle Holiday Market, Union Square Holiday Market and The Holidays Shops at  Bryant Park; Unstoppable visit them and the magic of Christmas in New York.

5. Radio City Music Hall: Christmas Spectacular

Be part of one of the Christmas traditions most iconic of New York since 1933 and enjoys the Radio City Music Hall: Christmas Spectacular, where beautiful Rockettes full of life will transport the stage and the north pole where teddy bears come to life, the dancers skating on ice and dozens of Santa Claus will leave you with mouth open in this show with over 1800 costumes.

4. Top of the Rock

This is one of the few attractions that are open during Christmas day and although it’s excellent to visit at any time of year, nothing compares to see the city from the illuminated heights and covered in snow with the love of your life with you. So do not miss this opportunity buy your tickets here and save yourself all rows.

3. Dinner Cruise on Hudson

Flying together by the waters of the Hudson River, with a delicious five-star dinner and music  for your enjoyment. When finished, they go dancing in the moonlight together to the rhythm of jazz and blues background with the city and the Statue of Liberty as a witness to his unwavering love.

2. Visit Gingerbread Village

Because we all know that one of the most fun things to do during the holiday season is to build gingerbread houses and a couple plannear their dreams together. Why not go out and explore an entire gingerbread village? In the Gingerbread Village, the largest in the world according to the Guinness World Record, you can make those dreams come true and, of course, only in New York.

1. Receive new year in Times Square

There is a unique experience in the new year in the iconic party in Times Square, where locals and tourists gather alike to make the countdown to the arrival of the next year, where the last stroke jump and explode all happiness with hugs, kisses and shouts of excitement. It is the perfect place to take your partner in a passionate kiss and prepare for all that this new year holds them together now.

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