Roads without speed limit, these are the left over the world

Roads without speed limit
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Practically most countries in the world road networks have speed limits set (some with more sense and others directly, absurd), but there are still some holdouts who are paradise for lovers of pure speed or just who does not make sense to have the same limit that when traffic was SEAT 600.

We all know the case of German motorways but are there more places in the world without a speed limit? Yes, there are, but are rather few. Come with us and we tell you in more detail where you can still move at the speed everyone to see, depending on the situation, the car and common sense of each.

Autobahn, Germany

Obviously, the first country we should talk, and best-known sections where there are no speed limits, is Germany, where the Autobahn or motorway network has certain areas where the driver can travel at the speed that seems. Just do not think you can go anywhere you like crazy because there much respect the rules.

All sections “No Limit” are marked, although abroad may not be as easy to identify these areas. Often you have to trust the other traffic: when you see that in the left lane going like a shot, you are probably in an area without limit. Of course, when it rains or heavy traffic all sections again have its speed limit.

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It is said that nearly half of the Autobahn network, about 6500 kilometers, corresponding to sections without limitation. Thus, it is easy to travel between German cities at speed, especially at night, when some of the ways the entire path has no limit of any kind. If you have a Porsche 911 GT3 and circulated to 315 km / h top speed you want, you can.

Roads without speed limit
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Isle of Man

Besides being known for the Road Race known the world over, the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man-of motorcycles. For desperadoes, this island located between Great Britain and Ireland is known for the absence of speed limits on their roads. Technically, the Isle of Man does not belong to the UK, and has its own government, but it depends on the British Crown and is therefore under the orders of the Queen.

Anyway, on the island there is no speed limit, except in urban areas or where road conditions are bad. As elsewhere, it is not a good idea to drive recklessly or go goofing around, but what you can is run at the speed you consider for its mountain roads.

Stuart Highway, Australia

Another of the few places in the world where you can drive the rhythm you want is called Stuart Highway in Australia. Until a decade ago, around the Northern Territory of Australia it benefited from the absence of a limit, but everything changed in 2007, when it adopted this area the speed limit of the rest of the country.

To the delight of the burned, a couple of years the local government of the area eliminated the speed limitation of the Stuart Highway, which extends over about 2800 kilometers. Much of the route has a maximum set speed of 130 km / h, but still remains an area of about 200 kilometers, among Alice Springs and Barrow Creek- without limitation.

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South India

Perhaps this is the last place you had not heard when it comes to sites with no speed limit. Some Indian states -Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telanganano- no speed limit (except for trucks), which does not mean that people circulate as in Germany, because you can imagine the fleet of available.

If we consider the state of infrastructure and roads in China, the type of vehicles they drive and the amount of traffic, the conclusion might be that although there is no speed limit and you can travel as fast as you feel like it, it is not exactly a haven of speed.

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