The best tips and tricks for rent a cheap car

rent a cheap car

Rent a cheap car with sufficient guarantees can be very difficult for saving some transportation cost in your next trip. It can also sometimes become a bankruptcy of the budget of our trip.

However, following a few simple tips, and with some trick, we can find good offers for car rentals.

In this article, we want to tell you about our experience in several years of rent and some tips so you can find the cheapest price and the best support when looking for rental cars.

In below we mention some of the best tips for rent a cheap car

rent a cheap car

1. Basic requirements

At the time of the consultation, they will ask you the age. Whenever there is a driver over 24 years old, it is advisable to book in his name. Below that age, there are usually surcharges for insurance issues.

Adding a second driver also means an increase. Think if it’s worth it. Generally, I enjoy driving and I do not get beat up, so I prefer to go as the only driver.

Another fact to keep in mind is that they will always ask us for a credit card. With it, they make the retention of possible expenses not contemplated (breakdowns, fines, damages). In case you do not have one, try to have one of the passengers have and can make the reservation in your name.

2. Possibilities of decent car companies

The major car rental companies offer a wide range of models to choose from. They also have a support that gives you confidence when you trying to rent a cheap car.

The biggest drawback is its price since it is usually higher. Do not despair. Many times they have interesting offers with which to reduce a good peak. Make searches in the best known to see if you are lucky for the dates you want.

Our preferred:

  • Hertz
  • Thrifty
  • Avis

A very interesting option is to look for companies in the locality where you are going to rent the car. They usually offer interesting offers, with a good price. On the contrary, the offer of models is usually limited and you should look at the extras that you should add.

Currently, our preferred method is car rental comparators. With a single search, we have several results that show us the different companies available and the best prices. They also include added services such as an extension of coverage, free cancellation, and prior reservation.

rent a cheap car

3. Find the best offer to rent a cheap car

The best thing to find good deals is to decide the rent of the car in advance. We usually find the best prices if we book 2-3 months before. Yes, it is true that you have to have clear ideas, but the savings can be in some cases of almost 40%.

If you do several searches at different times, do not forget to check the companies that you had discarded before. Sometimes incredible offers may come out all of a sudden.

Another point to study is the point of collection and return. The normal thing is to do it in the same office, but if we have the idea of doing a one-way trip we should look for companies that allow us to return it in a different city. Not all allow it, especially in the case of small or local companies. In addition, you have to calculate the surcharge for this operation (one way).

At present we can book indistinctly through the internet or by telephone. Keep in mind that this also means a difference in prices. Generally, the online procedures are more flexible and time – saving to the company. Therefore it is easier to find better prices if you book from your computer or mobile.

Finally, we must contemplate the possibility of canceling our reservation. Sometimes, the offers entail the impossibility of cancellation. Therefore we like to book with companies that allow cancellation up to 48 hours before, without penalty. It is interesting because in this way we can make the reservation well in advance, but if we find an offer with a better price we can cancel the first one without extra charge.

4. Car type

If you really want to rent a cheap car I will say go for the small one. Generally, the simplest car is the cheapest one, is not it? Sometimes we are surprised that higher-end cars have a slightly higher price or are even cheaper.

The reason: the demand

The smallest cars are the most requested, while the mid-range or higher cars have less output. That makes the companies launch offers of these vehicles at more than interesting prices.

In any case, our recommendation is that you do not get too excited either. It is better to rent a car according to our needs. A 4 × 4 or a sports car, to walk around town is going to spend much more than a mini model and it can also give you more headaches. If you are only two people, better something small (if you want to save).


One thing to keep in mind is the extra equipment that companies offer.

We must take into account if we are going to need child adapters (seat, lift,) or we want to add a GPS or a roof rack for extra luggage.

All this will increase the final price. We took the children’s seat everywhere.

rent a cheap car

5. Mileage and Fuel

It’s another key point to save on car rental.

See if your rental includes unlimited mileage or puts a top kilometer per day. The usual thing is that companies impose limits in cases of short term rentals. If you plan to make long trips, it is a point that you should not forget.

The fuel policy is usually the biggest problem we face.

The possibilities offered by companies are usually:

  • Full/empty: Habitual in rentals of a few days. They usually charge you the fuel at a price much higher than the market price. And also if you do not consume everything, you lose that difference. It is not advisable in any case.
  • Full/full: They give you the full tank and you return it the same. In some countries, they check that it is really full, and if they do not load the difference. In any case, it is usually the best alternative.
  • ¼ or ¾ of deposit: Many times they give us the deposit with a certain amount and we must return it in the same conditions. It is similar to full, but sometimes it is difficult to adjust the brand.

6. Optional insurance. Franchise Coverage and All Risk Insurance

We come to a very important issue. Generally, the rent of a car includes a basic insurance (insurance of theft, civil liability and fire) with a franchise that you will have to pay in case of a mishap. At the time of picking up the car, you will be offered an insurance extension to reduce the franchise or even eliminate it.

Watch out! Insurance is fine to have, but that can sometimes mean an increase that can exceed the initial rental price when you are looking for rent a cheap car.

One very interesting possibility that we have used several times is to hire franchise return insurance.

rent a cheap car

What is this?

It simply means that by paying a small amount (much less than insurance), we can recover the franchise that we had to pay in case of accident or damage.

And I assure you that some companies are very strict when it comes to looking for scratches and taps.

As you can see it is not so difficult to emphasize these 6 points to find the offer that suits us best. Sometimes we can find price differences over 40%, that means a week’s rent can savings of up to $200. So it is worth studying the alternatives a bit to rent a cheap car!

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