Rent a car for your trip to New York

Rent a car
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This is one of those things that, on a personal level, I hope to do someday in the future trip to New Yorkrent a car, if only for a day to tour Manhattan from north to south while blaring Empire State of Mind Alicia Keys. I know, it may sound very typical and very proper … but I have to give me that great pleasure, also driving through its streets a typical Cadillac of those so common in the city.

Until that day, I delved a little to know the requirements to rent a car in New York providing (logically) driving license, which in theory should be applicable if you have the passport of any other country, although I recommend inform you well in your country (especially for readers in South America) before it for granted.

Rent a car
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A priori, it is not necessary to take any special action to rent a car in NY, and it seems that they do not put any problem in presenting the vacation-driving license in the country of origin. Instead, after out a little further in the DGT, if it is mentioned that it is a priority to have the international driving license, which is processed directly into any office traffic, and validate your driving license for use internationally, whatever the destination. While there will no hits when renting the car with the ‘standard’ carnet, if you can have problems if the NYPD make us a routine check or, what is worse, we violate any rules of movement, case in which, also depending on the agent, they cannot give as valid (or any other nationality) card and start having some problems with the law …

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Therefore, before traveling to New York, you out the international driving license in the DGT following this procedure:

  • Read the ‘Fact Sheet’ and download and fill out the ‘request several issues‘ page of the DGT.
  • Presentation at your nearest traffic office paying the fee.
  • Provide both the ID and driver’s license. Very important to have both documents in force!
  • Bring an original photo and actual (not printed at home or ‘selfies’ …)

With this, as you respond is everything needed to make the process and after ‘invest’ a whole morning of your time, indispose the international driving license valid for 1 year, which will be able to use in (almost) anywhere in the world. While you can search for homes for car hire in New York, personally I recommend performing all online prior management and always turning to companies worldwide prestige.

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