9 places to visit in Puerto Rico

places to visit in Puerto Rico

There are many places to visit in Puerto Rico. It has a numerous attractions that deserve to be visited. Man lives not only on beaches, so it’s a good idea to know some of the island’s historical sites.

Here we list 9 places that we have considered essential if you are going to visit the Puerto Rican island. And if you dare to visit them, do not forget to take a look at our guide to visit Puerto Rico on your own.

places to visit in Puerto Rico

The Anvil

El Yunque National Park is located on the north coast of the country. Near the coast of Luquillo. It is a subtropical rain forest where we can enjoy and enjoy an impressive vegetation. Administered by the US forest service, they have worked hard to maintain a network of trails to cover the main attractions.

You can even camp inside. Do not miss the La Mina waterfall on one of the easy routes. Another of the most visited places to visit in Puerto Rico is the La Coca waterfall, on the road from El Yunque to La Fortuna.

Arecibo Telescope

Built in 1963, it has been the largest radio telescope in the world for many years. Its antenna is more than 300 meters in diameter. Since its construction, it has been used to search for extraterrestrial life and has allowed some interesting astronomical discoveries.

As a detail, it is the telescope that appears in the movie “Goldeneye” by James Bond. To get there you have to take route 651 from Arecibo and in half an hour you get there.

places to visit in Puerto Rico

Park Bombas (Ponce)

Ponce is one of the most important cities in Puerto Rico. And undoubtedly one of the best-known attractions of the country is located in its central square. The pump park is one of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico. It is the old fire station of the city, which was built at the end of the 19th century.

The building is without a doubt very original and after its conversion into a museum. After 108 years of operation, the visits to the place have increased even more.

Playa Luquillo

For us, surely the best beach in Puerto Rico. A long beach of white sand, calm waters, and the typical Caribbean palm trees. And besides, there are not usually many people.

It offers many services and activities, but you can also leave for a few hours, away from everything. It is one hour from San Juan to the east.

places to visit in Puerto Rico

Condado Beach

It is not the most beautiful beach on the island. But undoubtedly its central location in one of the best neighborhoods of San Juan, make it one of the busiest.

Well connected, beautiful waters, quiet (despite the people), and many activities. Of course, it is the perfect place to spend a sunny and relaxing day in our journey through Puerto Rico.

Aquatic Park Las Cascadas

On the northwest coast of the island, we find the town of Aguadilla. Leaving the town in a northerly direction we arrive at the best water park in Puerto Rico. It is a clear family activity, but if you have the opportunity, do not miss the chance to spend an exhausting and fun day.

Waterslides of all kinds, wave pools, and the crazy river, where you go down to full milk mounted on a float. We do not say that you go to Puerto Rico to visit a water park, but if you looking for some best places to visit in Puerto Rico, this is one of them. Enjoy it!

Toroverde Adventure Park

If you like adventure activities, it is worth going into the center of the island, to Orocovis.

There we find this adventure park where, among other things, you can make the longest zip line in the world: 2.5 km of cable where speeds of up to 150 km / h are reached.

places to visit in Puerto Rico

Island of Caja de Muertos

This small, almost uninhabited island is the perfect place to feel on a deserted beach. To get there, you have to travel to Ponce and from there navigate to the island. Perfect places to visit in Puerto Rico to spend a whole day of relaxation.

places to visit in Puerto Rico

Culebra Island

One hour by ferry from Fajardo, we arrive at Culebra Island. In it we can enjoy spectacular Caribbean landscapes. An authentic island of paradise.

Here we find Playa Flamenco, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If we decide to move a bit we can discover other coves more hidden and equally beautiful. And a couple of natural reserves with varied local fauna. The island is visited by both the enjoyment of the beaches and the seabed.

Here we can make some of the best dives in Puerto Rico. And all this, despite the degradation suffered by the island in recent years due to the little-controlled increase in tourism. We recommend going to Fajardo by car, and there take the ferry to Culebra Island. By the way, the name does not mean that it is full of snakes.

After the recent hurricane, the island is suffering serious problems of intendency and organization. Maybe this is not the best moment. But soon we are sure that Puerto Rico will once again be that Caribbean pearl that has us accustomed. That is also a good reason to consider these places to visit in Puerto Rico now. Enjoy a jewel and boost your spirit again.

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