New York: Mini guide for the first time in the Big Apple

New York
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I’ve written so many articles about New York, but I’ve realized that there is a lack of complexity that is quick to help those who are leaving for a few days in the city of your dreams.

The first time in the Big Apple

New York
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I perfectly understand that feeling of excitement that proves just to find yourself among the tall skyscrapers we always admire in the legendary American movies.

I understand why it happened to me as well. And so I want to help you with a little bit of everything that I think would be the first time in New York.

About movies

The whole city – and in particular Manhattan – looks like an open-air movie set. We cannot remember scenes of movies that marked our lives by walking among the notorious school bus and yellow taxi.

If you have more or less my age you will have seen at least twenty times Mamma I Lost the Airplane (I’m a big fan) or you’ve always imagined your life at Carrie of Sex and The City. Or maybe you’re a fan of Friends or Gossip Girl.

Hundreds of movies have been shot in New York and finding their locations is not that difficult.

Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building

Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building are the best way to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and take epic photos.

In my view, they both need to be seen because they have very different visuals, but I realize that with little time available, one has to choose.

Also, to save you a lot on the cost of the various attractions – including these – I highly recommend buying New York CityPASS, valid for 9 consecutive days from the first day of use.

If you want to discover the main attractions is the ideal way to spend less!

An unforgettable show

One of the memorable experiences that can give you New York is definitely Broadway. The cost of the shows is remarkable (usually starting at $ 100) but I assure you it’s worth it. I loved ‘The Lion King’ and I was so excited that – I admit – I cried.

The Best Burger

From Broadway is just a few minutes walk to the Hell’s Kitchen area. Here are plenty of restaurants and lots of kitchens: Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and more. My favorite place, though, is just one: 5 Napkin Burger.

This is a very nice place for burgers (some say here are the best burgers in the city) and although I’m not such a lover, here – and just here – I’m glad to have an exception.

And I repeat: it is the best burger I have ever eaten!

Eat at the market

You cannot talk about street food properly, but if you are such a lover I would recommend jumping to Chelsea Market.

It is a covered market – entirely made of classic red bricks – featuring various dishes from all over the world.

A very interesting place.

You may also like to read: Do you eat badly in London? These seven street food markets will make us change our mindsĀ 

High Line

A short distance from Chelsea Market is the High Line, one of the greenest places to admire the city. It is a sort of raised park near an old disused railway line. Really a nice place, especially in the spring.

From Manhattan to Brooklyn

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is an experience that can prove magical, especially at sunset. Definitely it’s a must-see.

Central Park

New York is full of parks but, if you only have to choose one, you will undoubtedly work for Central Park.

Many define it as the green lung of the city since it is really gigantic.

My advice is to spend a couple of hours, maybe for a picnic.

It will not be the healthiest food in the world, but with two or three dollars here, you can enjoy a good hot dog.


Even the museums are so many and choosing one would be crazy.

My advice is to weigh, choosing the museum that most reflects your interests.

I was at MoMa and found it spectacular, unique in its kind.

I thought I was thrilled with the works of Andy Warhol (beautiful, for charity) and instead I found myself glittering in the room of Impressionism, in front of Monet’s enormous works. Pastel colored water lilies.

Other attractions not to miss in Manhattan …

  • The Memorial of September 11th. To relive in the depths an important piece of history.
  • Ellis Island and Liberty Island. I have to admit that I did not particularly love this excursion for the incredible amount of people.
  • Wall Street and the famous lucky bull
  • Rockfeller Center for a walk through restaurants and ice-skating shops or in winter. And do not forget that every year here is the big Christmas tree of the city, the most famous in the world.
  • Grand Central Station. Almost a museum, the nicest station I’ve ever seen.

Outside Manhattan

I have to tell the truth: Chinatown and Little Italy in Manhattan did not impress me.

I would advise you to spend that time exploring in other districts of the city: Brooklyn – an ever-emerging and fashionable neighborhood, Queens, the Bronx – you can skip to the New York Yankees stadium as my undersigned, Harlem – where I visited Columbia University.

Harlem is also able to attend a gospel choir

Just outside of Manhattan, you have a completely different idea of New York: the skyscrapers shrink until almost disappearing to give way to independent cottages. And it is realized that Manhattan is just one of the infinite facets of the Great Apple.

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