Local sweets and essential cupcakes in New York

New York
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Visiting New York is synonymous with infinite ‘must’: see a musical on Broadway, across the Brooklyn Bridge, climb to the top of skyscrapers and even standing up to Tiffany’s and feel like Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘(this is more for girls). And no doubt, another of those essential things in the city, is enjoying its incredible sweets: cupcakes, muffins, ice creams 100% Italian … a true delicacy! The enormous cultural diversity in New York  allowed to travel through the sense of taste, to virtually anywhere in the world with only a handful of local visit.

New York
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In this article, I am going to talk about the  essential premises where you can taste authentic delicacies as sweet. Take advantage!

Cupcakes & Cheesecake to Two Little Red Hens

  • 1652 2nd. Avenue (corner of 86th st.)

A small place for lovers of sweets. All their cakes are hand created, baked from scratch, and a format that invites to eat until the package !. It is said that the cheesecake is the best of New York (difficult to give this award) and their muffins which feature every imaginable flavor (the chocolate is higher). Its huge variety you will consider staying back again as well serving breakfast in his few but cozy tables.

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Shake Shack ice cream (frozen custard)

  • Multiple locations in Manhattan: Midtown Shake Shack

Yeah, I know. Shake Shack is one of the most famous places in New York for their burgers , which also enjoy the ‘award of tourists’ to the best in the city. But in his letter also it included what they termed as Frozen Custard, a kind of ice cream, soft and thick to which you can add various toppings. In my opinion, Cookie black and white chocolate and vanilla mixed with pieces of candy are sublime! So now you know, after tasting any of their tasty burgers, leaving a hole in the stomach to finish with frozen custard.

Ice cream Sedutto

  • 1498 1st Avenue (corner of 78th St.)

This is one of the most historic ice cream New York. Sedutto, is a family-owned ice cream shop, which first opened in Staten Island in 1922. Today, its only restaurant is located on 1st Avenue, between 78th and 79th St. and I have to say their prices are not the cheapest in town, but certainly once there you do not mind paying for them.

The ice Sedutto have an incredible texture, offering a wide range of flavors, many with some tasty combinations, such as Moose Track (vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and brownie pieces) or  Coockies Midnight  (black chocolate ice cream with bits of Oreo cookies). For the classics, you also have the traditions and flavors of frozen yogurt so fashionable … do not miss it!

Francois Payard and ‘The Louvre’

  • It has several locations in the heart of Manhattan

For everyone knows that, along with Switzerland, in Paris you can taste the best chocolates in the world, and Francois Payard is one of those  Parisian chocolatiers in New York where you can taste a chocolate cake mythical, ‘The Louvre‘.

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This candy is featured in an episode of the famous series of ‘Sex and the City’ (few girls in the world who have not seen), where one of the protagonists replaced a man for one of these sweet (if guys … that hard). You can buy both cake and largest individual portion, and is a combination of mousse of chocolate, hazelnut wafers and a silky ganache … like, right ?. Then wait to see the amazing variety of chocolates and sweets find in this bakery must-see for the sweet tooth … bon appetite!

And yes, I know. Places like Junior’s Backery or swilling Magnolia Backery should be part of this list, but because of their fame have decided to ‘them away’ in order to raise awareness of other places that are well worth being visited.

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